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I am married to a wonderful wife Michelle and have a year and half old son Jonathan. We all live in in the town of Flower Mound a little north west of Dallas.

My wife Michelle used to work for One of the largest eCommerce sites on the web. Prior to leaving Travelocity she had taken a postion at Travelocity as the lead of International development where she heads up the internal development of custom Travelocity sites for foreign countries. Check out for some of her former work. She is an outstanding C++ developer and well versed in many platforms including Unix and Windoze. Michelle maintains her own webpage at this website with some more information. I used to be a contractor for IBM. A lot of my work there was done in Java. Several years ago I also joined my wife at Travelocity to develop some Java applications such as Travelocity Desktop. It was one of the first large scale Java/JFC applications around. It was a desktop booking system to book flights, cars and hotels from your desktop. Due to business reasons work on the project unfortunately ceased following the Beta test.

Since May 99 I have been working at Travelocity with the job of integrating new technologies into Travelocity. I used to report to the director of Travelocity Systems and the former CEO of Travelocity Terry Jones. This job has allowed my to work on a number of different projects such as the Travelocity Palm VII app, flight tracking on the Travelocity web site, WAP and HDML applications, and a number of other projects that are still under develpment. Much of my coding currently involves Java In my spare time I have written my own HTTP server in Java called Webserv this has turned out to be one of the more useful applications that I have written. I continue to use it for a number of tasks when I am test applications on the web. For fun I have also written a socket tester in Java that will act as a telnet, FTP, HTTP or POP client. It started as an HTTP debugger for my web server and I have slowly expanded it so that it can handle other protocols. Look on our Other Links page for information on FTP and POP client commands. I have also written a program called Webcomm which is a multiple user communication program written in Java (similar to an internet 'chat' program).

At IBM I was the webmaster for two sites on the IBM intranet. I wrote a number of CGI scripts using Perl, Java and REXX to do assorted things such as web searches or report generation. My project there was a web based sales tool/expert system that would configure RISC/6000 computer systems, or any other of IBM's computer product lines. It could also be used to configure just about and other products that people currently sell on the internet. It was developing in Java and it involved writting a new functional language called Escon-L (if anyone in IBM land has heard of it I am the originator and designer of it.) It is still in use with some of the eConfig products. In my spare time I have been learning some Per Sed, and Awk. For more information on my job or if you are an employer please check out my resume.

For posterity I have keep some of my old webpages. This is a sample of one of the index pages from one of the web sites that I used to maintain. Here is one of the older incarnations of my personal website

In some of my spare time I play with some synthesizers. I own a K2000, a Rhodes 760, and an Ensoniq KT-88. Here is a site with some cool K2000 Samples I also play with my new Palm Pilot (A past Christmas gift from my wonderful wife!) which is the coolest 'toy' I have ever had. It actually helps keep me organized. Recently I have also taken up the sport of triathlons. I have just completed a number of triathlons which I have documented on my triathlon page.

I come from a family of 6, two parents and three brothers all of whom are on the internet. My two parents still live in Ottawa Canada. My dad is a retired CA (Chartered Accountant) and currently heads up the Canadian branch of an organization called Christian Service Brigade. My mom currently works part time for a travel agency handling their bookkeeping. For more information check out their web site.

My eldest brother Chris is currently living in Toronto. He is a strong supporter of Linux and his website is a major stop on the Linux superhighway. He one of the most comprehensive sites on the internet dealing with databases for Linux. Recently he has helped to write several books in SOAP and Web Services

My next youngest brother is Bradley He is married to a wonderful woman Angela. He is currently employed in the Canadian Navy as a sonar technician on one of Canada's newer ships. He is currently on a shore posting in Halifax. He is an expert marksman (or to be more proper a precision rifle shooter) and is currently ranked as the number one shooter in the Canadian Navy. He has represented Canada at multipler international tournaments in Bisley England and has participated in a lot of other National tournaments in Canada. He has also managed to get a 45 tonne tank airborne check out his site for more information.

My youngest brother is Douglas who is married to Carla. He currently lives in Windsor and works for Omron In his spare time he plays an amazing electric or acoustic guitar.

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