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Online Configurators
    An an online Antenna Radiation Pattern Configurator used in the RF Industry.
  • Memory Configurator
    This configurator tells you what sort of memory is required It is run by PNY Technologies. It is based upon CGI scripts.
  • Aberdeen System Configurator
    A pc seller with a CGI configurator for assorted pc systems.
  • HP PC City
    A CGI configurator for HP Business Machines
  • Digital Jeweler
    This is an online CAD software configurator for the custom manipulation of 3D geometry for the direct manufacture of jewelry.
PC Based Configurators
Configuration Companies
  • Agile Software
    Agile Software is a supplier of Windows and Java client/server applications for desktop-based product change management.
  • Calico Technology
    Calico's Concinity sales configuration, quoting, and ecommerce solutions deliver interactive product configuration and quoting, including pricing and needs-analysis, to sales reps, distributors, and customers.
  • Celsius International
    Celsius International is a sales and marketing consultancy based in Denmark with expertise in multi-country, business-to-business, direct marketing, and consultancy on selection and implementation of sales software
  • Cincom
    Cincom iC Solutions, an Interactive Selling System bringing the knowledge about your products and services to the points of customer specification and interaction. Cincom iC Solutions utilizes your experts' knowledge to address all processes involved in the pursuit of good, profitable business. Application areas include: prospecting, inquiries, product/service configuration, cost estimating, bid/proposal management, and proposal planning/production.
  • Configura Sverige AB
    A Swedish configuration company
  • Configurator, Inc.
    This site has configurator information, research, and example configurators.
  • Configuration System and Consulting
    This is a company that sets up configuration systems for clients using their product configurator applications LOGIA C/S, (Client-Server), and e-LOGIA (Web Based).
  • Configure One
    Configure One provides Product Configuration Systems to manufacturing companies that sell, design, and produce product lines that often require custom work Their engineers and application developers help create custom configuration systems to meet individual company needs.
  • Cybrant
    Cybrant is focused on providing intelligent configurators/Guided Decision solutions for the WEB. Their product aids individuals in finding their desired product quickly based on their buying criteria instead of what someone else has defined as the product selection/configuration and buying process. They also support wireless and mobile internet capabilities, such as web phones and PDA's.
  • digiCHOICE
    digiChoice produces the custEMPOWER configurator designed for the customization of products and services either in a web-based, or kiosk-based environment.
  • Firepond, Inc
    Firepond is provider of guided selling and online customer assistance solutions
  • Heide Corporation
    Heide Corporation provides products, consulting solutions, and management services that enable sales configuration and engineering automation solutions.
  • ILOG
    ILOG is a leading provider of advanced C, C++ and Java software components for graphics and resource optimization.
  • i2 Technologies
    A Dallas based company that is a leading provider of intelligent planning and scheduling software for global supply chain management.
  • KTI
    KTI produces a suite of products called the KBO environment to allow an organization to capitalize on their enterprise wide knowledge.
  • Primaview
    Primaview is a company installing online configurators for various companies using their PrimeConfigurator technology. It is used by computer resellers nationwide that want to sell computers online "...Just like Dell..." but do not have a Dell Computer type budget.
  • Quantara
    Quantara provides parametric configuration software for both the desktop and the web. The software has integrated engineering, CAD, report generation, highly flexible data modelling, customizable graphical user interfaces, and flexible links to MRP/ERP & SFA systems or other corporate data.
  • SECON from Camos GmbH
    A German company with a product configurator
  • Selectica
    Selectia produces the selectiaACE system written in C++ and Java to allow standalone or web based configuration solutions.
  • Soft Tech
    Produces a web based configurator called Saturn.
  • Tacton
    Tacton is a company based in Sweden that provides an engine for the sales support of systems for configurable product lines - the Tacton Configurator - which guides its user in the process of matching customer requirements with suitable combinations of components.
  • TechniCon Computer Services
    TechniCon's technology visually depicts customized products at the point of sale and can be integrated with off-the-shelf product configuration software.
  • Trilogy
    Trilogy builds PC based manufacturing and configuration systems for automotive, communications, computer and financial services industries. The company is based out of Austin, Texas.
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