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Born June 13/2001
Irving, Texas
8:48 AM

6 Pounds 11 ounces
20 1/2 inches

Okay okay dad I guess I will be a Leaf fan too. Can I eat now?

Hey Father's day and my Dad's birthday are the same this year. Cool.

The Thinker

Rubber Ducky you're the one ....

Mommy's little baby robin ;)

The future doctor, "Yup dad's heart is still beating, next patient ...."

Enough paparazzi already!

Boy does Dad dress funny when he goes outside.

I can sleep anywhere

I'm finally full, where's the bed.

Playtime is lots of fun. Especially the mirror! (I guess I am cute ;)

After playtime comes naptime (at least sometimes...)

Brrr, boy are your hands cold dad!

Uncle Chris' bouncer is much better.

See my toys, they are bigger than I am!

Saying goodbye to Grandma, see you in a couple of weeks.
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