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Windows Mobile / Windows CE Archives - Tetris Games

  • AntiqueTetris AntiqueTetris is a freeware version of Tetris for the Pocket PC. It has level codes that allow you skip levels.
  • Kevtris Kevtris is one of the better clones of Tetris available for the Pocket PC and Windows Mobile devices.
  • Samulos Samulos is a free Tetris clone for Windows Mobile designed to be faithful to the original game and still be playable on Windows Mobile devices.
  • Stack Em Stack Em is a free tetris like clone with 7 levels available for SmartPhone and Pocket PC / Windows Mobile 5 devices.
  • Touchtris Touchtris is a good remake of the classic Tetris game. This version is free for Windows Mobile / Pocket PC 2003 and above. It uses just your fingers on the touch screen of your device to control the falling blocks.
  • TSG Pocket PC TSG Pocket PC is a free cloned version of Tetris for Windows Mobile devices.

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