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Windows Mobile / Windows CE Archives - Shopping Applications

  • Dealexec RSS Dealexec RSS is a free RSS reader designed to work with Pocket PC / Windows Mobile devices
  • HandyShopper HandyShopper is a free software application for Windows Mobile (and Palm OS) that allows you to manage shopping lists. It does this by creating a database that remembers items that you have previously purchased so that you can mark them as 'needed' so that they appear as something that you need to purchase when you go shopping. The site features a forum with a lot of helpful information.
  • Scanazon Scanazon is a free mobile shopping program that can be downloaded for Windows Mobile devices. It allows you to scan a products UPC code and then price it and view the ratings for it on It works with Windows Mobile 5.0 and above.
  • Shopping Lists Manager Shopping Lists Manager is a free internet based application for Mobile Phones that allows you to create and organize lists of items you need to purchase. You can then keep track and tick off items that you have already purchased. Once you have completed a list you can also chose to re-use the list. Search features are also provided to make it easy to find items on long lists.
  • SmartOrganizer SmartOrganizer is a set of free organization tools and utilties for Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile 5 or 6. It is designed to help you organize different tasks or lists that you have to work on. I features a task list, reccuring tasks, the ability to create a daily scheduler, a food inventory list, a shopping list that can be created from your inventory lists, a meal planner, a recipe box and more.

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