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Windows Mobile / Windows CE Archives - Keyboards

  • Cliquick Cliquick is a free alternate keyboard for Windows Mobile Devices. It has been designed to support 6 different keyboard layouts each optimized to provide the fastest form of easy text input for your device. It will work with any text application on windows Mobile and offers auto-complete features for faster word input.
  • Fingertouch Fingertouch is freeware custom keyboard that you can download for Windows Mobile / Pocket PCs. It allows you to type on the keyboard with your fingers while keeping both the keyboard and the letters you are typing visible.
  • PocketCM Keyboard PocketCM Keyboard is a touch sensitive keyboard that has been designed and optimized for finger usage on Windows Mobile devices. It does this in several ways including triggering the letter you have selected when you remove your finger from the screen not when you first touch the screen. It is highly customizable and a great improvement from the standard Windows Mobile keyboard.
  • TopKey TopKey is a free replacement input method for Windows Mobile devices. It provides a number of different keyboard layouts and predictive text input.

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