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Windows Mobile / Windows CE Archives - Contacts / Dialers

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  • Address Manager Address Manager is a free application that lets you store all your contact information on an internet portal and synchronize it with your mobile phone. It lets you restore your information if you have lost your phone. It also features some search options to make it easire to locate contact information quickly on your mobile phone.
  • AutoA2DP AutoA2DP is a utility that allows easier usage of bluetooth A2DP (wireless steros) on Windows Mobile phones. This free utility automatcially detects an A2DP device and automatically enables the wireless stereo.
  • Avatar Avatar is a photo dialer with smooth touch screen scrolling (similar to an iPhone) and a low memory footprint. It will display pictures of your contacts when they dial. Contacts without pictures won't show up. Desgined to integrate with iContact and iDialer.
  • BookSync BookSync is a free mobile application that has been designed to allow you to synchronize pictures that your friends use of Facebook with the contact lists you use on your Windows Mobile Phone. The software requires you to login to facebook at which point it gets all of your Facebook contacts. It then displays both your Facebook contacts as well as your Windows Mobile contact list. Then you can synchronize the two lists and any time you re-sync your mobile phone contacts will be updated with your friends latests profile pictures. This is available as a free download.
  • Connecting Notifier Connecting Notifier is a a free notification program for Windows Mobile Phones such as the Samsung PocketPCs. Once installed it will cause your phone to buzz once an outgoing call that you make has been picked up. This allows for handsfree dialing and lets you avoid having to pick up your phone to see if someone has picked up. This allows you to have better etiquette in meetings where you don't need to pick up your phone until you know someone is on the other end. When driving it will let you keep your hands on the wheel until someone answers your call. It works with Windows Mobile 5 and 6.
  • Contacts Search Contacts Search is free contacts utility that allows you to search through your Windows Mobile contacts lists. It features support for full multi-patterns as well as case sensitive options. It allows you to search for information via full name, home address, work address, phone numbers, IM contacts, and more. It is designed to be touch friendly and works with Windows Mobile 6. 6.1 and 6.5
  • Easy Contact Easy Contact is a free contacts, SIM and calls manager for Windows Mobile devices. It works with Windows Mobile 6 and above. It features a contact manager, a SIM manager and a Calls Manager. It allows you to manage your favorites and will let you customize your language or change skins.
  • iDialer iDialer is an open-source touch screen dialpad for Windows Mobile devices. It is a clone of the iPhone dialer program for Windows Mobile. It features the ability to place calls using Google Voice or JaJah. It is also skinnable to support multiple look and feels.
  • LCMinutes LCMinutes is a free Windows Mobile 5 or 6 program that helps to keep track of what your current charges are for you individual phone data plan. It is a great way to help watch you phone minute budget. It lets you track your free minutes, free long distance minutes, your free SMS allowance and other phone plan balances.
  • Mobile Express Mobile Express is a free desktop manager for Windows Mobile devices that help you to manage text messages, contacts, GPS utilities and more. Mobile Express is combination desktop application and Windows Mobile application that work together to let you easily manage your contacts, text messages etc. more easily on your desktop and then instantly synchronize them with your Windows Mobile Phone. It allows you the best of both worlds, the mobility of your mobile phone and the versatility and editing features of a computer.
  • Mobile Receptionist Mobile Receptionist is a free application for Windows Mobile 6.0 that automatically handles calls, SMS and other events with user defined actions. It allows you to create profiles to handle incoming events to your phone. For example you could configure a rule that would forward all incoming text messages to multiple different email addresses for archivial purposes.
  • MyContactRenamer MyContactRenamer is a free app that will allow you to rename contacts in Windows Mobile. It will allow you to use any name of a contact not just the Windows Mobile default of 'First - Last' or 'Last - First' Once the software is loaded you can select any contact and swap the order to have them applied.
  • MyPhone MyPhone is a free application provided by Microsoft that is now pre-loaded on Windows Mobile 6. It allows you to back up your phone's information to a password protected site managed by Microsoft. If your phone is lost, stolen or you need to upgrade it will help you to easily restore your information to your new device.
  • Nektra Contact Manager Nektra Contact Manager is a free contact manager application for Windows Mobile devices. It is designed to work with touch sensitive screens and allows you to keep track of and manage large numbers of contacts. It features the ability to group contacts by Company or by groups. All the contacts can be found using the search feature. It also supports a favorites option for frequently used contacts. It can be downloaded in several different languages and the offer different translations if the one you are looking for is not available.
  • NetQin Mobile Anti Virus for Windows Mobile NeqQin Mobile Anti Virus is a free virus scanning program available for Windows Mobile Phones. It is designed specifically to protect Mobile Phones and SmartPhones from virus's It is able to monitor SMS, MMS, PC cable, network ports, GPRS and other communication mediums including blue tooth and infrared to identify a potential virus before it can attack your phone. It is also designed to be extremely efficient and use very few resources so it doesn't impact the use the mobile phone it is protecting. Available as a free download with an option for additional paid features.

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