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Windows Mobile / Windows CE Archives - Code Development

  • Locify Locify is a free mobile application that you can download for Windows Mobile phones. Locify features many different location based services such as maps, navigation features, route recording and more. It is integrated with Google maps, Twittter, Wikipedia and other major sites. If you are a developer locify provides you the ability to easily write applications using just xhtml. Locify even features an online emulator that can be used to test features in any browser.
  • Mysaifu JVM Mysaifu JVM is a port of the Java Virtual Machine designed to run on Windows Mobile devices. It is licensed under the GPLv2 and is a port of the J2SE Java 2 specification. It will work with WIndows Mobile 6.0, 5.0 and Windows Mobile 2003 / Pocket PCs. This will allow you to run Java programs directly on a Windows Mobile device.
  • SimpleOS SimpleOS is an open source project to bring a multi-platform OS (Linux) to Windows Mobile / Pocket PC devices. It has been closed to new contributions but still has documentation and code available to download.
  • TouchOne TouchOne is a project that is developing a new interface for Windows Mobile devices. It is being designed to be easy to use as fully customizable. It will work with Windows Mobile 5.0 or newer devices. The project is also providing a developer SDK that can be used to develop plugins and widgets for the new interface using .net CF or XML
  • VipRegExport VipRegExport is a free utility that designed to allow you to easily export and back-up your registry on a Windows Mobile device. It takes an input file that you provide that contains information about which registry items you want to import.
  • XFControls XFControls is an open sourced UI SDK that has been developed for Windows Mobile devices. It is designed to be fully customizable and to allow for the quick creation of custom controls. It also takes into account 'physics' to allow for smooth scrolling and different finger movements within the UI controls.

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