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Windows Mobile / Windows CE Archives - Task Managers

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  • acbTaskMan acbTaskMan is a full featured task manager for Pocket PC and Windows Mobile Devices that provides information on which programs are consuming the most resources. A free version is available.
  • Advanced Task Manager Advanced Task Manager is an enhanced task manager designed for Windows Mobile. It allows you to monitor system resources, manager processes and lets you switch between active programs or close them if needed.
  • ArkSwitch ArkSwitch is a free task manager designed as a replacement for the HTC Task manager for Windows Mobile
  • BattClock BattClock is an open source project to provide a taskbar that provides several features on the Windows Mobile screen. The information provided includes remaining battery power, Time (configurable as a 12 hour or 24 hour clock), Date, Free Memory, CPU usage and more. The bar is configurable to allow the display of up to 12 different pieces of information. It works with Windows Mobile 5 and 6
  • CommMgrPro CommMgrPro is a free skinnable application for Windows Mobile devices. It allows you to create profiles that will get automatically selected based on your location, current time and or calendar appointments. It also lets you monitor the batter levels of your device based on what apps you are running. It lets you manage all of the connectivity of your PDA in a more configurable fashion (Wifi, BT, etc ) than the default commMgr that comes with Windows Mobile.
  • daLauncher16 daLauncher is a freeware application launcher for Windows Mobile (6.5)
  • Easy Today Launcher Easy Today Launcher is a today screen plugin for Windows Mobile 5 or 6 ( Pocket PC ) that allows you to add any shortcuts that you want to your today screen. It is available as a free download.
  • EverApp EverApp is a free utility designed to allow custom memory management of applications on Windows Mobile 6 devices. It will allow you to keep as many applications open and running in the background as you would like. It does this by detecting when Windows Mobile will shutdown an application at which point EverApp will place the application in a different memory space managed by EverApp that can keep the program alive and running when you want to switch back to it.
  • Home Screen Customizer Home Screen Customizer for Windows Phone is a free program that lets you add and remove panels from the Windows Mobile home screen.
  • Icbar Icbar is a free task manager/task bar application for the Pocket PC derived from WIS Bar
  • iFonz 2 IFonz 2 is a free theme for Windows Mobile 5/6 that simulates an iPhone interface. It provides a lot of customizations features and animations.
  • KBattery KBattery is a small open source project that provides a small taskbar for Windows Mobile devices. The taskbar shows a battery meter as well as providing informati noabout how much memory is available along with a clock that provides the current time. It is available as a free download for WIndows Mobile 2003 and is release under the GNU GPL License
  • Lawn Chair Lawn Chair is a free program which automatically identifies and displays all PDAmill games installed on any Windows Mobile device and creates a custom launcher for them.
  • Magic Button Magic Button is highly rated task manager that is available the Pocket PC / Windows Mobile 2003/5.0/6.0 devices. It has a small memory footprint and is desgined to blend well with the Windows Pocket PC theme.
  • Misfortune Taskbar 2 Misfortune Taskbar 2 is an updated version of a colored taskbar designed to replace the default taskbar provided by Windows Mobile 6.5. It comes with a complete new set of icons for various features and notifications and can be downloaded for free.

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