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Windows Mobile / Windows CE Archives - Strategy Games

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  • Art of War 2 A real time war strategy game for the Pocket PC
  • Autumn Dynasty Autumn Dynasty is a free real-time strategy game for Windows Phone. Set in a Far Eastern fantasy world you get to direct your armies against opponents to defend you country and conquer your enemies.
  • Battleship Battleship is a freeware game of battleship for Windows CE / Windows Phone. It allows you to play the classic game and sink your enemies ships. This version is touch enabled and requires free registration after 4 plays.
  • Crimson Fields Crimson Fields is a port of the PC strategy game for PocketPCs and SmartPhones
  • DopeWars DopeWars is a free strategy game simulating the life of a dope dealer that is based in New York during 1984. This is based on the Dos game of the same name.
  • Eternal Throne Eternal Throne is a mobile fantasy adventure with 3D graphics.
  • God of War A short God of War adventure game for Windows Mobile
  • MirrorLight MirrorLight is a freeware game from BrakingHead that is similar to the game Khet. The object is to position your pieces on the board so that you can reflect a laser beam against your opponent.
  • NetHack NetHack is a dungeon and dragons strategy game available for Windows CE as well as other platforms.
  • Pocket Diablo Pocket Diablo is version of the classic game Diablo for the Pocket PC available for free.
  • Pocket Heroes Pocket Heroes is a turn based strategy game for Windows Mobile made in a similar style to the Heroes of Might and Magic game. The project is freeware and opensource.
  • Pocket Humanity Pocket Humanity is a free turn based strategy game for the Pocket PC / Windows Mobile 5 devices. The game lets you build and develop cities, research technologies maintain diplomacy with foreign countries and build and control military units.
  • Pocket PC Battleship Pocket PC Battleship is a free version of Battleship for the Pocket PC that has a one player mode.
  • PocketZax PocketZax is an interpreter for interactive adventure games for Windows Mobile devices ( from windows Mobile 2003 to Windows Mobile 6.5) that has been released as freeware. It allows you to play Z-machine games which include all of the Infocom adventure games such as Zork as well as new ones in the same genre developed using the Inform application.
  • Rockstar ate my Ipod Rockstar ate my Ipod is a free simulation game. In it you get to play the role of a rock star band spending your inheritance to fund your rise to rock stardom.

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