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Windows Mobile / Windows CE Archives - Music Software

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  • Frequency Tuner Frequency Tuner is a free frequency tuner available for the Pocket PC running Windows CE 3.0
  • Godaft Godaft is a DJ module for Windows Mobile. It allows you to use samples from the single "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" of the Daft Puck to create your own rythms and music. It is a free download for Windows Mobile 6.x (Pocket PC)
  • GSoundBox GSoundBox is a free application for HTC Windows Mobile 6 Phones with a G-Sensor. It plays a variety of sounds that are triggered by shaking the phone
  • GSPlayer GSPlayer is a free MP3 Player for Windows Mobile 5/6 PocketPC.
  • IBE Music PLayer IBE Music Player is a free music player for the Pocket PC 2003 and Windows Mobile 5.0 devices. It supports MP2, MP3, MPA, OGG, RMP and WAV files.
  • JB Piano JB Piano is a miniature piano for the Pocket PC that also includes the ability to record and edit sequences.
  • is similar to Pandora in that it allows you to listen to streams of music adjusted to your listening tastes. It provides access to much more however. lets you use your account with any player. lets you connect to people with similar interests or listen to personalized radio stations created for you or your friends. also recommends concerts and festivals that may be of interest to you. is available as a free download with registration at their site.
  • Little Snazzy Drummer Little Snazzy Drummer is a metronome, drum machine and voice recorder built into a single application available for free for the Pocket PC and Windows Mobile.
  • Melody Mate Melody Mate is a musical dictation application for Windows Mobile 2003 devices. It uses samples from real Stienway Pianos for more realism. It features different intervals and mand different types of playback options. As well it provides updates on your progression after each lesson.
  • MortPlayer MortPlayer is a freeware music file player for Windows Mobile / Pocket PC. It supports MP3 and OGG formats. It features a number of different skins and customization options and produces good sounding playbacks.
  • Nitrogen 1.2 Nitrogen is a free Music / audio player for Windows Mobile devices. It features a file browser, sking support, smart shuffles, repeat modes and a 10 band equalizer.
  • Pandora for Windows Mobile Pandora is a free personalized radio that lets you stream mustic from your favorite artists, songs etc. directly to your Windows Mobile device simply by providing Pandora with some information about what music you enjoy.
  • Phonature Phonature is a free advanced instrument and vocal tuner for the Pocket PC.
  • PitchPerfect PitchPerfect is a free guitar tuner available for the PocketPC / Windows Mobile device. An essential application for any aspiring guitar player.
  • Pocket Music Guide Pocket Music Guide is a free guide to classical music providing information about different classical composers available for the Pocket PC

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