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Windows Mobile / Windows CE Archives - Monitoring Tools

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  • acbPowerMeter acbPowerMeter is a free power meter that charts the real-time power usage of Windows Mobile devices.
  • Advanced Task Manager Advanced Task Manager is an enhanced task manager designed for Windows Mobile. It allows you to monitor system resources, manager processes and lets you switch between active programs or close them if needed.
  • Dynamix Soft 3D Benchmark Dynamix Soft provides a benchmarking application that uses 3D graphics to benchmark how much power a Pocket PC actually has.
  • FSWatcher FSWatcher is a freeware plugin for Pocket PC 2002/2003 that monitors all the activities performed on the filesystem.
  • MemInfo.NET MemInfo.NET is a free utility that offers information about memory usage on mobile devices.
  • MobileJustice MobileJustice is an open source antitheft monitoring software for Windows Mobile 5 and Windows Mobile 6 phones that have GPS. It can monitor the location of the phone as well as SIM card changes.
  • PdaMonitor PdaMonitor is a free utility that allows you to monitor the status of your Windows Mobile PDA. It will continously display your processor usage, battery charge, free memory and more. It displays all of this information on a small toolbar at the top of your device that only takes a couple of pixels or area enabling you to not lose valuable screen real estate on your PDA.
  • PeMon PeMon is a free performance monitor.
  • PowerGuard PowerGuard is a free utility that monitors the battery state of your Windows Mobile / Windows CE powered device. It monitors a numbers of differet attributes including remaining battery life, voltage, temperature, battery count and then displays them graphically. The data can be trended and exported. It also allows alerts to be generated when user defined thresholds have been broken so you can identify power hungry software on your device.
  • Remote Tracker Remote Tracker is a free system to allow the monitoring of any Windows Mobile 5 or Windows Mobile 6 devices using a mobile phone. It will allow tracking of the location of the device ( assuming it has GPS )
  • Task Manager Task Manager is a free set of tools for Windows Mobile devices that come packaged as a single application. It features a process manager, a CPU monitor, an application manager, service manager, IP Config utility, ping utility, net stats, registry editor and a run program utility.
  • UpTime UpTime is a freeware program that displays the uptime history for Windows Mobile 6 and above devices.
  • Vio Vio is a motion detection program that is availble for Windows Mobile Phone. It uses the camera in the device to take pictures and identify any motion. If any movement is detected the software can either send emails containing the pictures that were taken, or it can send an SMS alert. It works with Windows Mobile 5.0 through 6.5
  • WIMR WIMR stands for Where Is My RAM. It is a freeware utility for Windows Mobile to display a file-explorer type windows showing memory usage.
  • WR-Tools ResInfo WR-Tools ResInfo is a free Windows Mobile / Pocket PC resource viewer. It is displayed in the bottom bar of the main screen providing basic information about available memory and remaining battery life. When selected multiple tabs are provided giving access to a lot of information about the device including available memory, ROM usage, etc.

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