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Recently added:

  • GoodMood Digital Photo Frame GoodMood is a free digital picture frame application for Windows Mobile devices. GoodMood helps to keep you in a good mood by loading happy friendly and positive images from the internet and displaying them on your Windows Mobile phone. When running GoodMood you will see happy people, beautiful landscapes, funny pictures and other images that will help you to smile, be happy and relax.
  • StebNYS StebNYS is a freeware program that attempts to simulate artificial intelligence by responding to your written queries. It comes with a help manual for support and workgs with Windows Mobile devices. A fun application to play with and get responses from.
  • TouchRC Touch RC is an open source project that provides code to let you control a Vista Media Center or Windows 7 Media Center directly from a Windows Mobile PDA. It requires the installation of a VmcController on the Windows Mobile device. Once installed and sync'd up with the computer you can then use your Windows Mobile device as a remote control and direct your media center without having to be at your computer.
  • Spin The Arrow Spin the Arrow is a version spin the bottle for Windows Mobile devices. This allows you to store the counts of hits for each player, select different images for each player and play with up to 6 different people. It will work in WVGA, VGA and QVGA modes and can be downloaded free.
  • Super Counter Super counter is a freeware application that is available to download for Windows Mobile devices. It will help you keep track of different items that you may want to count. Turning off your phone will store the last number you stopped counting at. When you are finished you can reset the counter to begin counting something else.
  • Nodi Nodi is program for Windows Mobile devices that provides instructions to tie knots along with animations to help you learn your classic Boy Scout skills. Free to download as a .cab file

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