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Windows Mobile / Windows CE Archives - Messaging/Social Apps

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  • AIM for Windows AIM for Windows is a version of AIM that is optimzed for use with Windows Mobile devices. It allows you to connect both to Facebook as well as Google Talk. It also allows you to update Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, foursquare and more all from your phone.
  • AmAze AmAze is a free turn by turn voice guided application for a GPS enabled Windows Mobile device. AmAze provides a wide area of coverage including maps of Europe, North America, Australia and parts of Asia and Africa. AmAze provides both visual guidance you your GPS as well as voice navigation. A search feature is provided that lets you navigate and get directions to many different businesses. AmAze also provides a number of other naviational features to help you get from one location to another in the fastest or most efficient way. Currently it also will work with your social networks such as Facebook so you can share your location easily with others. It is available to download for free for Windows Mobile devices.
  • Beejive Beejive is a free (although still Beta ) instant messaging application for Windows Mobile 6 Professional and Standard edition. It works with AIM/iChat/MobileMe, MSN Windows Live, Yahoo, MySpace GoogleTalk, ICQ and Jabber.
  • BookSync BookSync is a free mobile application that has been designed to allow you to synchronize pictures that your friends use of Facebook with the contact lists you use on your Windows Mobile Phone. The software requires you to login to facebook at which point it gets all of your Facebook contacts. It then displays both your Facebook contacts as well as your Windows Mobile contact list. Then you can synchronize the two lists and any time you re-sync your mobile phone contacts will be updated with your friends latests profile pictures. This is available as a free download.
  • ceSnipURL ceSnupURL is a free utility that allows you to create mini urls that can be used for posting URLs in messages or twitter feeds where space is at a premium.
  • ChickenPing ChickenPing is a free recipe organizer that you can download for Windows Mobile devices. It will allow you to create and download different recipes. It will also allow you to share your recipes with others and rate the recipes.
  • Facebook for Windows Mobile 6 Phone This is the free Microsoft Facebook application for Windows Mobile 6 phones. It allows you to send messages to anyone on your friend list, take pictures on your phone and upload them to Facebook and manage your profile and status from anywhere with your Windows Phone.
  • fim fim stand for Facebook Instant Messenger. It is a free mobile interface for facebook designed for Windows Mobile Phone / Pocket PCs. It features the ability to manage facebook chats, status feeds notifications and inbox indicators from your mobile device.
  • Google Voice Easy SMS Google Voice Easy SMS is designed to let you send text messages using your Google voice account from Windows Mobile devices. It is offered free along with source code for those that are interested in viewing or making changes to the code.
  • GPSed GPSed is a GPS recorder for Windows Mobile devices. It allows you to use the GPS in your Windows Mobile Phone to trace where your phone is based on it's GPS coordinates. Once a record is made you can view your tracks from the GPSed website and manage their history. From the GPSed website you can attach photos and comments to your recorded paths as well as share the information with your friends.
  • GyPSii GyPSii is a location based application that is available for Windows Mobile and Windows Phone 7 devices. It allows you to combine information from different social media sites including Facebook, Twitter and others with the location available from your device. By combining all of this GyPSii allows you more easily connect and share information about your travels with others in your community.
  • HelloTwitFace HelloTwitFace is a free Windows Mobile application for viewing and updating Twitter or Facebook status. One of the best Twitter clients for Windows Mobile.
  • imov Messenger imov Messenger is an award winning free instant messaging solution for Windows Mobile and Android Devices. It can be used to communicate with GoogleTalk, AOL, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, GaduGadu, QQ and Jabber.
  • is similar to Pandora in that it allows you to listen to streams of music adjusted to your listening tastes. It provides access to much more however. lets you use your account with any player. lets you connect to people with similar interests or listen to personalized radio stations created for you or your friends. also recommends concerts and festivals that may be of interest to you. is available as a free download with registration at their site.
  • LinkedIn This is a Codeplex open source application that provides access to your LinkedIn account on a Windows Mobile phone.

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