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Windows Mobile / Windows CE Archives - Media Applications

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  • Avian Play Avian Play is a free open source podcast and online streaming audio player designed for Windows Phone / Windows Mobile devices.
  • CorePlayer A media player for smartphones and PDAs it will play multiple media types including MPEG4, AVI etc.
  • Dictate Dictation Recorder Dictate Dictation Recorder is a Windows Mobile Phone voice recorder. It allows you to record or dictate messages directly onto your Windows Mobile phone. It stores the recorded sounds as .wav files. It is licensed as freeware for you to download for Windows Mobile 5 and 6
  • DivX Mobile Player DivX Mobile Player is a free mobile player that allows you to watch DivX videos on Windows Mobile 5 and Window Mobile 6 as well ad other devices.
  • Flash Player for Pocket PC A free flash player from Adobe for the Pocket PC / Windows Mobile 5 devices
  • GetFreeMP3.NET GetFreeMp3wm is a free multimedia MP3 downloader for the Pocket PC. It lets you search and download music from anywhere as long as you have access to the internet.
  • GetyTV GetyTV is a freeware media application for Windows Mobile devices. It allows you to download your favorite YouTube videos to your Windows Mobile PDA and then watch them without having to be online. It supports movies, videos and music in FLV, 3GP, MP4, MP4(HD) formats. It will work with any Windows Mobile device 5.0 and above.
  • GrooveMobile GrooveMobile is a free media player for Windows Mobile. It has been designed to support playlists from Grooveshark. You can select songs from Grooveshark and put them into playlists that can be imported into GrooveMobile.
  • GSPlayer GSPlayer is a free MP3 Player for Windows Mobile 5/6 PocketPC.
  • IBE Music PLayer IBE Music Player is a free music player for the Pocket PC 2003 and Windows Mobile 5.0 devices. It supports MP2, MP3, MPA, OGG, RMP and WAV files.
  • Microfi-nitrogen Microfi-nitrogen is an open source music player for Windows Mobile/Pocket PCs. It features support for MP3, OGG, AAC, MP4, M4a, WAV, WMA and 3GP playback. It supports multiple languages as well as multiple skins so you can customize it to your personal preferences. It provides a 10 band equilizer so that you can easily customize sounds to your match your needs. Because it is opensource you can download it for free and participate in enhancing the code base.
  • Mobile Media Center Mobile Media Center is freeware software for Windows Mobile that allows you to listen to music, view pictures, play videos and follow RSS feeds/podcasts. The site features a complete manual with instructions on set up and usage.
  • MortPlayer MortPlayer is a freeware music file player for Windows Mobile / Pocket PC. It supports MP3 and OGG formats. It features a number of different skins and customization options and produces good sounding playbacks.
  • MyPlayer MyPlayer is a free light-weight media application for Windows Mobile Professional devices tha tprovides access to Live TV and On Demand content directly without the need for a flash enabled mobile browser.
  • Nitrogen 1.2 Nitrogen is a free Music / audio player for Windows Mobile devices. It features a file browser, sking support, smart shuffles, repeat modes and a 10 band equalizer.

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