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Windows Mobile / Windows CE Archives - Dictionaries

  • Anuvadak Anuvadak stands for Translator in Hindi. This is a free translation application that can be downloaded for Windows Mobile devices. It uses the Google translator engine and has added some features including Text to speech, copy translation, SMS capabilities, Romanization of all supported languges and more.
  • Apprendre Apprendre is a game to help you learn words in foreign languages. It allows you to create your own word lists which it will then quiz yo on. It supports European character encodings as well as several Asian ones including Japanese, Chinese and Korean. It is available as free software to download.
  • DictMgr DictMgr is a collection of 5 utilites for the Pocket PC that modify the built in /add on dictionaries. It includes DictEditor, T9Editor, WordCorrector, SpellChecker, TPalEditor and AcronymReference.
  • dV2t Translator DV2t Translator is a free Windows Mobile application that provides bi-directional translation of words and phrases in different languages through the use of either Bing or Google translation services.
  • FreeYourMind FreeYourMind is a mind mapping application for Windows Mobile. FreeYourMind allows you to manage your ideas and the relationships between those ideas. You can create, view, and edit mind maps with FreeYourMind. Each node in a mind map can be edited and can be encrypted if the information in the node is sensitive. You can also cut, copy and paste from one node to another. A great application to help keep you organized.
  • Marketing Terms Dictionary This free dictionary provides definitions for common marketing phrases so you can understand the lingo generated by those supposed smart MBA folks.
  • MDict MDict is free multi-language dictionary for Windows CE devices. It uses libraries provided by the user.
  • Medical Eponyms Medical Eponyms is a free Pocket PC program that provides a list of over 1500 medical eponyms. It is based on Andrew Yee's database available at
  • MorseUtil MorseUtil is a free application for Windows Mobile / Pocket PCs. It allows you to translate to and from Morse code. It also has a look up table for the Morse alphabet. Learn the classic 'SOS' command.
  • Pocket Food Additives Pocket Food Additives is a free application that provides information about all the e-numbers listed on the ingredient labels of products. It will enable to identify what additives have actually been added to different foods.
  • Rhyming Terms Rhyming Terms is a free glossary for Windows Mobile 5 or higher that provides groupings of words based on similar sounds. It is based on public domain data from Carnagie Mellon University.
  • Wolf's Translator Wolf's Translator uses the Google Translate engine to provide translations on Windows Mobile devices.

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