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Windows Mobile / Windows CE Archives - Calculators

- Calculators(17)
- Conversion Calculators(11)
- Financial Calculators(5)
- Scientific/Math Calculators(12)

Recently added:

  • GasMate GasMate is a free Windows Mobile application that can be downloaded that is designed to help you track your gas mileage. All you need to do is to enter your mileage every time you fill up with gas and provide how much gas you purchased and it will help you track your mileage. You can also store maintainence records for you car so that you can appropriately time your tune ups.
  • rhoAir rhoAir is a free engineering calculator for Windows Mobile / Pocket PCs. It is designed to be a state point psychrometric air properties calculator. It will allow you to calculater air density, vapor pressure, dew point temperature and many other values an engineer might use a psychrometric chart for. It does calculations in SI units.
  • tRodSizer tRodSizer is a free application for Windows Mobile / Pocket PC devices to help calculate how much weight a hanger rod can carry. It allows you to complete the calculations by entering the rod diameter, the tensile area and allowable stress and then it will determine the max load.
  • GeoProject GeoProject is free software offered by the Floornature portal. It provides software that you can use when creating room design and floor plans, architectural diagrams and more. It helps you calculate surface areas and perimeters. It allows you to draw any room and include door and window locations. The drawings that you create can be exported to other CAD software.
  • Farmville Calculator As the title suggests this is a calculator for the facebook Farmville game. It helps you calculate which crop would be the the best to plant. You need to provide the next time you plan to visit, then how large an area you have to plant crops. To allow for future extensions and different types of crops you can edit a data.txt file to help do different calculations. It is available as a free download for Windows Mobile devices.
  • MedicalCalculator MedicalCalculator is tool that allows you to calculate the results of a number of different medical calculations on a Windows Mobile device. Included are BMI, Child-Pugh, CrCI, Well's DVT and Well's PE and more. It is extensible by editing an xml configuration file to add new formulas or by updating the opensource code.

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