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  • NS Basic NS Basic/CE is a complete BASIC toolkit that runs entirely on a Windows CE device.
  • Pittsburgh Pebbles PDA Project This site deals with the Pebbles Project. This projects purpose is to use Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) Synchronously with PCs. They have a number of different applications that allow PDAs to communicate with PCs.
  • Programming Windows Phone 7 Programming Windows Phone 7 is a free e-book that is available in pdf format that provides over 100 pages of information about how to write programs for Windows Phone 7 devices.
  • is a large site with information for Visual Basic developers building applications for Windows CE devices.
  • Wabasoft Wabasoft produces Waba which is programming platform that allows a programmer to write one program that can be run on a PalmPilot or Windows CE device and any device that supports Java.
  • Windows Mobile Games and Codelite This page provides some information about how to develop games for Windows Mobile devices using the CodeLite IDE. It provides a number of examples and some sample code.

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