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Windows Mobile / Windows CE Archives - Companies

  • CardScan CardScan produces scanners to scan business cards into a PalmPC it synchronizes with the PalmPilot and Windows CE devices.
  • Devian Enterprises Devian produces a line of leather cases for Palm devices.
  • E & B Company The E & B company produces a line of cases for the PalmPilot, Handheld PCs, and Palm PCs along with other other mobile computers.
  • Laridian Laridian produces PocketBible for Windows CE palmPC's and Windows Mobile devices as well as other Bibles and books.
  • Socket Communications Socket Communications produces connectivity products for Windows CE.
  • Targus Targus supplies a large line of carrying cases for Palm devices.
  • Wabasoft Wabasoft produces Waba which is programming platform that allows a programmer to write one program that can be run on a PalmPilot or Windows CE device and any device that supports Java.

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