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Windows Mobile / Windows CE Archives - Utility Applications

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  • QuickColor QuickColor is a freeware application for Windows Mobile 5 for Smartphone and Windows Mobile 6. It lets you quickly change your system colors and preferences on your phone's homescreen quickly and efficiently.
  • QuickGPS Lite QuickGPS Lite is a utility that can speed up the time for determining your GPS position by downloading satellite data via an internet connection. This is a free utility for Windows Mobile.
  • RC Mod RC Mod is a free application available to download for Windows Mobile / Pocket PC devices. It allows you to customize your screen colors and thems. It requires Microsoft Framework 2.0
  • Remover Remover is a free program that helps you remove and uninstall applications from a Windows Mobile / Pocket PC device. Remover does this by displaying a list of all installed applications which you can select the ones you want removed. It also helps you clean your registry and get rid of any shortcuts that you no longer want.
  • S2U2-Slide 2 Unlock 2 S2U2 stands for Slide 2 Unlock 2 it is a free application for Windows Mobile 5, 6 or above that can be used as a screen saver for your windows Mobile device that emulates the iPhone style slide unlocking. It is configurable and provides a number of options for what can be displayed on the locked screen.
  • ScreenTest ScreenTest is a utility for Windows Mobile devices. It is designed to let you test your touch screen to see if all the pixels are working. If you touch the screen and a pixel doesn't turn green then there is an issue with that part of you screen.
  • Scrub Scrub is a Windows Mobile utility application that lets you scan your contact lists and identify and information that might be missing. Once missing information is found it Scrub will automatically group them into categories of missing information so you can quickly see what you might want to update. It is available as a free download.
  • ServersMan ServersMan allows yout to use your Windows Mobile device as a network storage tool. ServersMan provides an SSL-encrypted connection via WiFi or over a LAN. Once files are saved and the device configured they can be access through any web browser.
  • SMS Folders Manager SMS Folders Manager is a free program for Windows Mobile devices that allows you to edit / delete and otherwise manage your Windows Mobile SMS folders.
  • Softkeys Control Panel Softkeys Control Panel is a simple utility that allows you to change the applications linked to the softkeys on the Windows Mobile homescreen.
  • SpaceFinder SpaceFinder is a free utility for Windows CE that shows you where space is being used on your device. It helps you identify which folders and sub-folders contain files requiring the most space. This makes it easier to identify which files can be deleted.
  • SpaceLeft SpaceLeft is a simple utility for Windows Mobile 2003 that displays the amount of free space left on your Windows Mobile device. It displays a histogram showing the ratio of free memory available.
  • SpeakerPhone SpeakerPhone is a free utility for Windows Mobile Phones that will allow you to automatically turn on the speakerphone when answering a call. It can also be used to enable the speaker on outgoing calls automatically as well.
  • SpoonRing SpoonRing is a utility for Windows Mobile phones. It allows you to customize your incoming ringtones to set different ring tones for each contact you have on your phone.
  • Start Menu The Start Menu is a service that replaces the standard menu found on Windows Mobile devices. It is installed as a service (via a .dll) so that it doesn't need to be launched on startup but is automatically loaded.

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