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Windows Mobile / Windows CE Archives - Security Applications

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  • CodeWallet Allows you to manage your secure information on a PocketPC or Smartphone.
  • Crypto Wallet Crypto Wallet is completely free software that can be downloaded that has no adware, spyware or other unwanted additions. It features strong encryption to allow you to store passwords, banking information, credit cards pin codes and more. It is available for the Pocket PC 2003, Windows Mobile 5 and Windows Mobile 6.
  • Don't Touch Me Don't Touch Me is a utility program for your Windows Mobile Phone or PDA. It uses the accelerometer on your device to trigger an alarm if your phone is moved, or if the screen is touched. It is a perfect simple application to provide some security and peace of mind when you leave your Mobile PDA somewhere. It has a number of different options that you can configure when when the alarm goes off. For example you could have it take a photo or send an SMS message when your Windows Mobile Phone is moved.
  • DSMP - Don't Steal My Phone DSMP - Don't Steal My Phone is a a free open source application. It is designed to allow to recover a lost or stolen phone. Once this application is installed it will activate if another SIM card is entered into the phone and will provide with the SMS number, CellId, GPS coordinates as well as any available owner information to help you recover you Windows Mobile Phone.
  • EazyWallet EazyWallet is a free digital wallet and pasword safe for Windows Mobile. It allows you to store passwords, account information and other private data easily and securely. It uses 3DES encryption.
  • eWallet eWallet allows a user to keep all their important information in one safe secure location.
  • FileLock FileLock is a freeware application written in Java for Windows Mobile devices. It allow syou to select files and put a password protected lock on them from being viewed by others with access to your device.
  • FileShredPPC FileShredPPC is a free utility application for Windows Mobile / Pocket PC. It will allow you to 'shred' deleted files on your Pocket PC by opening files you want to remove and overwritting them multiple times with nulls and random data before truncating and then deleting the file.
  • FreeOTFE FreeOTFE is an open source disk encryption program that works with Windows Mobile to enable the encryption of data stored on the device.
  • Lookout Mobile Security Lookout offers a multi-platform solution to protecting your Windows Mobile Phone from viruses, hackers or even accidental loss of your phone. Lookout manages this by providing protection on your phone from phishing, malware or different types of spyware. To protect you from the loss or theft of your phone Lookout offers a free backup of your personal information that you use to restore to a new phone. They even provide a web interface that you can use to manage your phone from any internet connection. Lookout offers a free version that provides you with basic protection on your Windows Mobile Phone and a premium version with additional features.
  • MobileJustice MobileJustice is an open source antitheft monitoring software for Windows Mobile 5 and Windows Mobile 6 phones that have GPS. It can monitor the location of the phone as well as SIM card changes.
  • myPiBox myPiBox is a simple and free privacy program for Windows Mobile / Pocket PCs. It allows you to store private personal information on your mobile device such as userids or logins with a personal password to protect it. If you need a simple solution to information privacy on a Windows Mobile / Pocket PC this simple application may help.
  • NetQin Mobile Anti Virus for Windows Mobile NeqQin Mobile Anti Virus is a free virus scanning program available for Windows Mobile Phones. It is designed specifically to protect Mobile Phones and SmartPhones from virus's It is able to monitor SMS, MMS, PC cable, network ports, GPRS and other communication mediums including blue tooth and infrared to identify a potential virus before it can attack your phone. It is also designed to be extremely efficient and use very few resources so it doesn't impact the use the mobile phone it is protecting. Available as a free download with an option for additional paid features.
  • NS PassGen NS PassGen is a free password generator for Windows Mobile/Pocket PC's. It generates new passwords for you and will store the last generated password so you can review it later.
  • Nyx Password Storage Nyx Password Storage is a free utility that allows you to securely store passwords and other confidential information your Windows Mobile/Pocket PC.

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