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Windows Mobile / Windows CE Archives - Graphics Applications

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  • GeoProject GeoProject is free software offered by the Floornature portal. It provides software that you can use when creating room design and floor plans, architectural diagrams and more. It helps you calculate surface areas and perimeters. It allows you to draw any room and include door and window locations. The drawings that you create can be exported to other CAD software.
  • GoodMood Digital Photo Frame GoodMood is a free digital picture frame application for Windows Mobile devices. GoodMood helps to keep you in a good mood by loading happy friendly and positive images from the internet and displaying them on your Windows Mobile phone. When running GoodMood you will see happy people, beautiful landscapes, funny pictures and other images that will help you to smile, be happy and relax.
  • GXmark GXmark is a free utility for Windows Mobile QVGA devices. It was designed to provide a cool graphics demo that will also evaluate the graphics and gaming capabilities of a specific Windows Mobile device.
  • IMAG to Date IMAG to Date is a free image renaming utility for Windows Mobile phones that have cameras. It allows you to rename the images and videos from the default name that the camera application gives them. The default naming convention could match names that already on you PC when you attempt to back up your photos. This program will automatically let you change the file names so that this naming missmatch doesn't occur so yo uwon't overwrite photos on your PC.
  • PanoBender PanoBender is a free panorama viewer for JPEG images available for Windows CE devices.
  • Pencil Box Pencil Box is a free line drawing tool for quickly drawing simple pictures on the Pocket PC.
  • Photo Editor NCH Software offers Photo Editor for free. This editor will allow you to edit photos and add digital effects. Photo Editor supports gif, jpg, png and BMP formats.
  • Png2Exe Png2Exe is a freeware utility that allows you create a launcher for Windows Mobile software that uses PNG files instead of ICON files. The utility takes 4 inputs: The path to the .exe file, arguments to pass to the application on startup, path where the launcher should be saved and the path to the PNG file to use for the icon.
  • PocketCM ImageViewer PocketCM ImageViewer is an Image Viewer application that is being developed for Windows Mobile devices using the PocketCM Framework that will allow for optimized usage with fingers instead of having to use a stylus. It currently features a thumbnail mode, support for themes, zoom and more.
  • S2U2-Slide 2 Unlock 2 S2U2 stands for Slide 2 Unlock 2 it is a free application for Windows Mobile 5, 6 or above that can be used as a screen saver for your windows Mobile device that emulates the iPhone style slide unlocking. It is configurable and provides a number of options for what can be displayed on the locked screen.
  • S2V-Slide 2 View S2V stands for Slide 2 View. It is a free image viewer that works without a stylus for Windows Mobile 5 Phone or Windows Mobile 6/6.1 It can also be used in conjunction with S2U2 to set up wallpapers or assign pictures to contacts.
  • ShortCAD ShortCad is software for Windows Mobile devices that allows you to create and edit complex 2D vector graphics on your device.
  • TouchPaint TouchPaint is a free painting application similar to Microsoft Paint. It is designed to be used with a stylus or fingers to create drawings. It supports Bitmaps, jpeg, png and gif formats.
  • Viewer Viewer is a simple free program that loads and displays many different photos in different formats to Windows Mobile devices.
  • Windows Live Streamer Windows Live Streamer is a free application for Windows Mobile 6 and above. It is designed to allow you to upload and publish videos to different systems including youtube and Silverlight directly from your Windows Mobile Phone. It supports multiple languages including English and Czech and many different video formats.

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