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Windows Mobile / Windows CE Archives - Internet Applications

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  • BeyondPod BeyondPod is an RSS feed reader and podcast manager for Windows Mobile devices
  • BFree BFree is a free utility to connect to WIFI networks without using internet explorer on Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile 5 or Windows Mobile 6.0,6.1
  • Bing for Mobile This is Microsofts Bing software designed to be downloaded for Windows Mobile that features maps, directions, weather and more for your mobile device.
  • BookSync BookSync is a free mobile application that has been designed to allow you to synchronize pictures that your friends use of Facebook with the contact lists you use on your Windows Mobile Phone. The software requires you to login to facebook at which point it gets all of your Facebook contacts. It then displays both your Facebook contacts as well as your Windows Mobile contact list. Then you can synchronize the two lists and any time you re-sync your mobile phone contacts will be updated with your friends latests profile pictures. This is available as a free download.
  • ceSnipURL ceSnupURL is a free utility that allows you to create mini urls that can be used for posting URLs in messages or twitter feeds where space is at a premium.
  • Dealexec RSS Dealexec RSS is a free RSS reader designed to work with Pocket PC / Windows Mobile devices
  • Facebook for Windows Mobile 6 Phone This is the free Microsoft Facebook application for Windows Mobile 6 phones. It allows you to send messages to anyone on your friend list, take pictures on your phone and upload them to Facebook and manage your profile and status from anywhere with your Windows Phone.
  • FEADIE FEADIE stands for File Extension Association for Download in IE and is a freeware utility for Windows Mobile 5 and 6. It enables you to register different file types with the Windows Mobile Internet Explorer so that unrecognized file types can still be downloaded and viewed.
  • Fennec Mobile Browser Fennec for Windows Mobile is a version of Firefox developed for the Windows Mobile 6 platform. It can be downloaded for free from Mozilla. It features a lot of the advantages of Firefox available including support for addons like twitter feeds.
  • fim fim stand for Facebook Instant Messenger. It is a free mobile interface for facebook designed for Windows Mobile Phone / Pocket PCs. It features the ability to manage facebook chats, status feeds notifications and inbox indicators from your mobile device.
  • Flash Player for Pocket PC A free flash player from Adobe for the Pocket PC / Windows Mobile 5 devices
  • FTP Client A full featured FTP client for Windows, Windows Mobile and Pocket PC. It offers a free 14 day.
  • ftxPBrowser ftxPBrowser is a free browser for Windows Mobile 2003 based Pocket PC's
  • GoodMood Digital Photo Frame GoodMood is a free digital picture frame application for Windows Mobile devices. GoodMood helps to keep you in a good mood by loading happy friendly and positive images from the internet and displaying them on your Windows Mobile phone. When running GoodMood you will see happy people, beautiful landscapes, funny pictures and other images that will help you to smile, be happy and relax.
  • Google Sync Google Sync lets you sync your Windows Mobile phone with all the popular Google services such as Gmail, Calendar Online contacts manager and more.

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