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Windows Mobile / Windows CE Archives - Miscellaneous Applications

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  • This site has some Chinese Kits for Windows CE.
  • CEntrilo CEntrilo is a free client for Windows Mobile CE and Windows Mobile devices to works with the Ventrilo voice system. It offers features such as channel browsing and jumping, being able to attached comments and read other peoples attached comments, as well as the ability to set some basic server and port configurations. Note it currently only works with GSM 11025Hz
  • ChickenPing ChickenPing is a free recipe organizer that you can download for Windows Mobile devices. It will allow you to create and download different recipes. It will also allow you to share your recipes with others and rate the recipes.
  • Chuck vs Van Damme Ever needed a good quote? You can use this free application to find one of the thousands of quotes attributed to Chuck Norris and Jean-Claude Van Damme. With this app on your Windows Mobile device you can out tough anyone.
  • Dog Whistle Dog Whistle is a free application for Windows Mobile / Windows Phone that will let you blow a virtual whistle. It allows you select the frequency at which to generate a tone from audible to unaudible.
  • GoFlash GoFlash is a free application for Windows Mobile 6 and above. It lets you turn your device into a flashing signal beacon. You can configure the color and the frequency of the flashes that will come from your screen.
  • GoodMood Digital Photo Frame GoodMood is a free digital picture frame application for Windows Mobile devices. GoodMood helps to keep you in a good mood by loading happy friendly and positive images from the internet and displaying them on your Windows Mobile phone. When running GoodMood you will see happy people, beautiful landscapes, funny pictures and other images that will help you to smile, be happy and relax.
  • iPhoneizeMe iPhoneizeMe is a free screen saver for your Windows Mobile device that will make it appear similar to an iPhone. It can be downloaded for Windows Mobile 6 and above.
  • iToilet iToilet is a free mostly useless application for Windows Mobile / Windows Phone that will let you flush a toilet on your device. Lots of fun sound effects for your friends.
  • Magic 8 Ball Magic 8 Ball is the classic tool for deciding answers to questions. Use it free with Windows Mobile / Windows Phone. It can answer in English, French, German and Italian.
  • Mobiletag Mobiletag is a freeware mobile application that allows your Windows Mobile device to take act as a barcode reader. It works by having you take a picture of a barcode using your devices camera which the application then decodes for you.
  • MorseUtil MorseUtil is a free application for Windows Mobile / Pocket PCs. It allows you to translate to and from Morse code. It also has a look up table for the Morse alphabet. Learn the classic 'SOS' command.
  • Nodi Nodi is program for Windows Mobile devices that provides instructions to tie knots along with animations to help you learn your classic Boy Scout skills. Free to download as a .cab file
  • NS Basic NS Basic/CE is a complete BASIC toolkit that runs entirely on a Windows CE device.
  • O!Market O!Market is a free application storefront that can be downloaded to most Windows Mobile devices. It allows you to browse and purchase applications directly from

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