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Windows Mobile / Windows CE Archives - News/Information

  • CEWire CEWire is online news service featuring daily news updates with current information and news about the Windows CE world along with a mobile channel , a channel list and a weekly newsletter.
  • Chris De Herrera's Windows CE Website Chris has a large website dedicated to Windows CE with a lot of information and links. He also has a large FAQ.
  • has has a large software archive of shareware, news and links for Windows CE and other handheld devices. It also has a number of different forums for various mobile devices.
  • WindowsCE links, news and shareware This site has a large amount of resources for Windows CE including a large list of applications that run on Windows CE
  • PointBooks PointBooks scans the Internet to find the best business articles from Asia in Windows CE format. These articles can be downloaded for free allowing Palmtop users to keep in touch with business news on Asia with a handy Palmtop.
  • PPCGeeks PPCGeeks is a forum for fans of CDMA PPC Devices. The community serves over 300,000 individuals with over a million posts on all sorts of Pocket PC topics.
  • Stomp Stomp stands for Straits Times Online Mobile Print. It is a user generated website with news provided by citizens of Singapore. Stomp Mobile provides a client that works with Windows Mobile 6.5 that will enable users to read and comment on the news from Stomp. It is available as a free download.
  • xda-developers xda-developers is a community of experts on Windows Mobile and Android OS's. The have a number of forums where questions can be answered as well as a lot of free applications that are posted by different developers.
  • xinmsn xinmsn is a Windows Mobile extension of the xinmsn website designed to be viewed on Windows Mobile devices. It is a collaboration between MediaCorp and Microsoft. The site will provide news in different categories such as technology, entertainment, sports and more.

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