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Windows Mobile / Windows CE Archives - Security Applications

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  • Password Safe Password Safe is an application designed to keep passwords safe on a Windows Mobile device. It allows you to store passwords in multiple different categories for easier retrieval. It is available as a free download for Windows Mobile.
  • PIM Backup PIM Backup is an awared winning backup utility that allows you to backup and restore personal information stored on a Windows Mobile device. This includes contacts, appointments, tasks, messages, calls and more. It features different options to configure backups and is available as a free download.
  • Pin Lock Pin Lock is a simple free utility that you can download for Windows Mobile devices. It allows you to instantly lock your device without having to wait for any application auto-timeouts. This helps to make your device more secure.
  • PIN Manager PIN Manager is a free mobile phone application that is designed to let you store confidential information on your mobile phones. You can securely store your information on your device, or if you chose to use the included portal you can also access your information via the web to manage updates and to keep your information if you loose your phone.
  • Remote Tracker Remote Tracker is a free system to allow the monitoring of any Windows Mobile 5 or Windows Mobile 6 devices using a mobile phone. It will allow tracking of the location of the device ( assuming it has GPS )
  • Security Manager Security Manager is a free utility for Windows Mobile that allows you to change the security configurations on your device. This enables you to allow unsigned applications to run or enables you to avoid warning messages when launching third party applications.
  • Spybot Search and Destroy Spybot Search and Destroy is a virus protection application to help protect Windows Mobile devices
  • Video Impact Video Impact is a product to let you connect to IP cameras without the need for additinoal hardware. Video Impact offers a free single camera download that you can use to connect to any IP camera and view it directly on your Windows Mobile device. This allows you to view security cameras you have set up while you are mobile. It currently supports JPEG and MPEG streams and for supported security cameras you can even control the pan/tilt/zoom of the camera directly from your Windows Mobile phone.
  • Vio Vio is a motion detection program that is availble for Windows Mobile Phone. It uses the camera in the device to take pictures and identify any motion. If any movement is detected the software can either send emails containing the pictures that were taken, or it can send an SMS alert. It works with Windows Mobile 5.0 through 6.5
  • Wifi Penetrate Wifi Penetrate is a free utility that provides a database/search utility for commonly used passphrases for wireless network routers ported from android for Windows Mobile devices.
  • zaSFTP zaSFTP is freeware secure FTP software designed for PocketPC / Windows Mobile devices. It allows you to securely transfer files directly from your mobile device to external systems.
  • zaTelnet zaTelnet is a freeware ssh and terminal client written for the Pocket PC / Windows Mobile. It supports SSH, SSH1, SSH2 and emulates a vr100 terminal, allowing yout access external systems directly from your mobile device.

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