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Windows Mobile / Windows CE Archives - Internet Applications

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  • Google Voice Easy SMS Google Voice Easy SMS is designed to let you send text messages using your Google voice account from Windows Mobile devices. It is offered free along with source code for those that are interested in viewing or making changes to the code.
  • HelloTwitFace HelloTwitFace is a free Windows Mobile application for viewing and updating Twitter or Facebook status. One of the best Twitter clients for Windows Mobile.
  • Host Explorer Host Explorer is a free Windows Mobile application that allows you to connect via WiFi from your desktop computer to your Mobile device. It allows to access your entire filesystem remotely without needing the Remote Desktop connection.
  • imov Messenger imov Messenger is an award winning free instant messaging solution for Windows Mobile and Android Devices. It can be used to communicate with GoogleTalk, AOL, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, GaduGadu, QQ and Jabber.
  • IPTool IPTool is a freeware/Donationware utility for Windows Mobile / Pocket PC devices. It is designed as a network configuratio ntroubleshooting tol. It allows you to release your current IP, renew the current IP lease, change the device name of the Pocket PC device as well as displaying various pieces of network information.
  • LinkedIn This is a Codeplex open source application that provides access to your LinkedIn account on a Windows Mobile phone.
  • Lister Lister is a free program that allows you to download newsgroups formatted as HTML so they can be easily viewed on your Windows Mobile / Pocket PC device. It does this by downloading newsgroup information and saving it in an HTML format that is easily readable on your PDA when you are offline. It reads HTML documents as well as PamlDoc (.pdb and .prc) files. It also supports reading compressed files using GNU gzip.
  • Lookout Mobile Security Lookout offers a multi-platform solution to protecting your Windows Mobile Phone from viruses, hackers or even accidental loss of your phone. Lookout manages this by providing protection on your phone from phishing, malware or different types of spyware. To protect you from the loss or theft of your phone Lookout offers a free backup of your personal information that you use to restore to a new phone. They even provide a web interface that you can use to manage your phone from any internet connection. Lookout offers a free version that provides you with basic protection on your Windows Mobile Phone and a premium version with additional features.
  • microirc microirc is an opensource project who's goal is to provide uIRC which is an IRC client for Windows Mobile 5 and above devices. It features a tabbed interface that supports UTF-8 and multiple resolutions and colors. It has been written as a native executable so it doesn't require .net cf.
  • Mobile Bing This is Bing's mobile web site. Useful for small screened Pocket PC or other Windows CE devices when on the go.
  • Mobile Receptionist Mobile Receptionist is a free application for Windows Mobile 6.0 that automatically handles calls, SMS and other events with user defined actions. It allows you to create profiles to handle incoming events to your phone. For example you could configure a rule that would forward all incoming text messages to multiple different email addresses for archivial purposes.
  • MobileFTPClient Mobile FTP Client is a client for Windows Mobile 5/6 or above. Free for private use.
  • Mobiletag Mobiletag is a freeware mobile application that allows your Windows Mobile device to take act as a barcode reader. It works by having you take a picture of a barcode using your devices camera which the application then decodes for you.
  • MoTweets MoTweets is a Twitter app for Windows Phone that lets you tweet when on the move. It supports multiple accounts and uploading of pcitures from your device. The free version is ad supported.
  • MyMobiler MyMobiler is a free Windows Mobile application that allows you to remotely control your mobile device using your PC. You can also use it to have your mobile screen displayed on your PC. It features options like cuting and pasting between your mobile device and your PC, copying files between your systems and more. Works with Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile 5,0, 6.0, 6.5

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