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Windows Mobile / Windows CE Archives - Action Games

Search and find free Windows Mobile action games that are available to download to your Smartphone or Windows Mobile phone for hours of gaming enjoyment.

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  • G-Flow G-Flow is a game designed for Windows Mobile devices. It is similar to the game of snake but with updated graphics and movements. This games uses the accelerometer in Windows Mobile devices like the HTC Touch Diamond to let you control the movement fof your your dots as the gobble up all others on the screen.
  • G-Invaders G-Invaders is an space shooting game for Windows Mobile.
  • GamerTag GamerTag is a Windows Mobile and Windows Phone application designed with gamers in mind. It will allow you to see the GamerCard of any xbox 360 GamerTag on your Windows Phone. This utility is available as a free download.
  • GemDrops GemDrops is a freeware game for Windows Mobile devices from Windows Mobile 2003 to Windows Mobile 6.5. It is game that requires you to move and rotate gems that are dropping into the playing area to form groups of 5 or more.
  • Groovy Jump Groovy Jump is a PDA game designed to be similar to the Jump game on the iPhone. The task is to jump from one ice flow to another without falling into the ice and while avoiding dangerous creatures like sharks and polar bears. This game is available to download for Windows Mobile 5 and 6
  • Helicopter Helicopter is a free Windows Mobile game that runs on Pocket PCs 2003 and higher. The object of the game is to guide your helicopter down a tunnel touching your touchscreen to move it up and down without hitting anything as you travel.
  • Hit The Kitty Hit the Kitty is a free game for Windows Mobile. It lets you get rid of your frustrations by taking them out on that annoying Hello Kitty cartoon character. It offers two modes, an arcade mode and a timed attack mode. The arcade mode lets you hit Hello Kitty as often as you can. The timed mode lets you see how often you can hit Hello Kitty before time runs out on your game. Either way a fun way to waste some time.
  • Huff and Puff Lite Huff and Puff Lite is a free version of the Huff and Puff game by Touch Dimensions. It lets you be the wolf as you attempt to blow down houses to get access to the pigs. The game involves puzzles physics and pigs. It is available for Windows Mobile 6 and above.
  • Invaders for the Pocket PC Invaders for the Pocket PC is another remake of the original space invaders.
  • Jaybot's Catchy Cadence Jaybot's Catchy Cadence is Rythm-Music action game with 12 built in mini-games. Free for Windows Mobile Professional, Classic and Pocket PC.
  • JumpyBall JumpyBall is a freeware 3D arcade game for Pocket PC/Windows Mobile devices. The game features a 3D ball that you need to guide through multiple levels avoid pitfalls while finding the fastest path.
  • Kirbys Run Kirbys Run is a free game available to download to WVGA Windows Mobile devices. The game lets you play as a character that needs to collect coins to make your weapons fire. There are two weapons, a fireball or a sword. You then use your weapons to get by the enemies earning points as you do.
  • Kombat Fatalities Kombat Fatalities is an application that gives you a guide providing all the information you need about the Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe game. It is available as a free download for Windows Mobile devices.
  • Krakout Krakout is a game similar to Arkanoid involving clearing a screen of bricks using bouncing balls. Priced as shareware for the Pocket PC
  • LodeRunner A version of the classic 1980s game of LodeRunner available for the PocketPC

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