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Windows Mobile / Windows CE Archives - Scheduling / Tracking Apps.

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  • Agendus Agendus is a Personal Information Manager (PIM) for Windows Mobile Devices providing Calendars, contacts and tasks along with other scheduling tools
  • AutoLog AutoLog is a free program designed to track gas and maintenance / insurance expenses for your car. It can track multiple cars and provides conversions between miles and kilometers. It also features export capabilities as a pdf or xml file.
  • Avatar Avatar is a photo dialer with smooth touch screen scrolling (similar to an iPhone) and a low memory footprint. It will display pictures of your contacts when they dial. Contacts without pictures won't show up. Desgined to integrate with iContact and iDialer.
  • Birthday Reminder Birthday Reminder is a touch sensitive program that helps you keep track of birthdays of other special events and dates. It integrates with Outlook to get any special dates you have stored with your contact lists. You can also set new reminders for events that you don't have in Outlook. The lite version is available as a free download for Windows Mobile 5, and 6.
  • comoney comoney is a free program for Pocket PC / Windows Mobile devices. It is designed to let you track shared expenses and keep track of your personal budget.
  • Count Six Count Six is a utility application for Windows Mobile devices that allows you to keep track of 6 different things at the same time.
  • CT Scheduler Lite CT Scheduler Lite is a free version of CT Scheduler that is available for Windows Mobile / Pocket PCs. It allows you to auto-launch different tasks on your Windows Mobile based on your timed and pre-planed schedule.
  • Easy Expenses Easy Expenses is free software that can be downloaded for Windows Mobile devices. It allows you log and track your expenses in a simple manner that can be later extracted into a spreadsheet like Excel for more complex calculations. It lets you track total monthly expenses as well as supports multiple currency rates.
  • eazyMoney eazyMoney is a free Windows Mobile application to enable better tracking of your budget. It will help to track different types of income and expenses. Once your have create accounts with various entries in them you can get detailed reports of daily, monthly and yearly expenses. eazyMoney supports 3DES encryption as well as backup and restore abilities to help keep financial data safe.
  • FreeYourMind FreeYourMind is a mind mapping application for Windows Mobile. FreeYourMind allows you to manage your ideas and the relationships between those ideas. You can create, view, and edit mind maps with FreeYourMind. Each node in a mind map can be edited and can be encrypted if the information in the node is sensitive. You can also cut, copy and paste from one node to another. A great application to help keep you organized.
  • Fuel Blaster Fuel Blaster is free tracking tool that you can download to let you track you fuel consumption along with prices you are paying for your fuel. The software is designed to work with Windows Mobile.
  • GasMate GasMate is a free Windows Mobile application that can be downloaded that is designed to help you track your gas mileage. All you need to do is to enter your mileage every time you fill up with gas and provide how much gas you purchased and it will help you track your mileage. You can also store maintainence records for you car so that you can appropriately time your tune ups.
  • GogTasks GogTasks is an application that will synchronize Google Tasks with Pocket Outlook for Windows Mobile 6.0
  • GroceryDay GroceryDay is a free application for Windows Mobile / Pocket PC. It allows you to create multiple lists of items each of which can have notes attached. Each item can be checked off and later deleted if needed. A useful utility.
  • HandyShopper HandyShopper is a free software application for Windows Mobile (and Palm OS) that allows you to manage shopping lists. It does this by creating a database that remembers items that you have previously purchased so that you can mark them as 'needed' so that they appear as something that you need to purchase when you go shopping. The site features a forum with a lot of helpful information.

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