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Windows Mobile / Windows CE Archives - Utility Applications

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  • AgendaOne AgendaOne is a mobile time management application to help schedule your plans on your mobile windows PC
  • Androkkid Androkkid is a new Windows Mobile interface for Windows Mobile 5/6 that provides a the ability for a lot of customization along with animations. It is supported through the XDA Forum.
  • AutoA2DP AutoA2DP is a utility that allows easier usage of bluetooth A2DP (wireless steros) on Windows Mobile phones. This free utility automatcially detects an A2DP device and automatically enables the wireless stereo.
  • BaseHue Express BaseHue Express is a free utility for Windows Mobile 5 devices to allow you to change the base hue color easily without manually editing the registry.
  • Battery Guard Battery Guard is a free touch sensitive application for Windows Mobile / Pocket PCs. It helps you manage your battery usage and identify which applications and programs use up the most battery power. Battery Guard allows you to set up different power profiles to help optimize your battery usage. It works with Windows Mobile 6.5, 6.0 and 5.0.
  • BlackMe BlackMe is a free utility for Windows Mobile 5 or Windows Mobile 6 that will shut off the screen when you dont need it to conserve battery power. It is particularly useful if doing route tracking with a GPS enabled mobile device when the screen display is not needed.
  • BT Spammer BT Spammer is a free utility that allows your Windows Mobile device to 'spam' all devices that are in visible BlueTooth mode with some information. It can be used to send plain text, Business cards or pictures.
  • ceSnipURL ceSnupURL is a free utility that allows you to create mini urls that can be used for posting URLs in messages or twitter feeds where space is at a premium.
  • cLaunch cLaunch is a PlugIn launcher featuring tabs and customizable icons along with many other options
  • cleanRAM cleanRAM is a free award winning utility for Windows Mobile devices that allows you to clean up your RAM and speed up your device without having to restart your device.
  • ClearTemp ClearTemp is a free utility for Windows Mobile 2003 and above that helps free up memory on a device.
  • Clipboard Tool Clipboard Tool is a utility that enhances the existing Windows Mobile clipboard feature. It adds a 'stack' feature to the existing clipboard so that you can select from multiple different copied items. It also features several other features such as filters to help select with copied items to display. It is released as freeware.
  • Cliquick Cliquick is a free alternate keyboard for Windows Mobile Devices. It has been designed to support 6 different keyboard layouts each optimized to provide the fastest form of easy text input for your device. It will work with any text application on windows Mobile and offers auto-complete features for faster word input.
  • Connecting Notifier Connecting Notifier is a a free notification program for Windows Mobile Phones such as the Samsung PocketPCs. Once installed it will cause your phone to buzz once an outgoing call that you make has been picked up. This allows for handsfree dialing and lets you avoid having to pick up your phone to see if someone has picked up. This allows you to have better etiquette in meetings where you don't need to pick up your phone until you know someone is on the other end. When driving it will let you keep your hands on the wheel until someone answers your call. It works with Windows Mobile 5 and 6.
  • CorePlayer A media player for smartphones and PDAs it will play multiple media types including MPEG4, AVI etc.

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