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Windows Mobile / Windows CE Archives - Scientific/Math Calculators

  • Calc98 Calc98 is a popular freeware calculator for Windows Mobile / Pocket PC devices. It features numerous functions including statistical analysis, financial calculations, complex number math and more.
  • Eval 1.0 Eval is a combined scientific / programmers calculator for the PocketPC / Windows CE.
  • FormulaCalc FormulaCalc is a calculator for Ewe enabled computers such as the PocketPC that provides the capability of computing algebraic and trigonometric formulas
  • GNU Emu48CE for Pocket PC This is an emulator of the HP48, HP49, HP39 and HP40 calculators for the Pocket PC.
  • HexCalc HexCalc is a free integer calculator for the PocketPC that performs integer arithmetic and hex/decimal/binary conversions.
  • MyPocketCalc MyPocketCalc is a free Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) and scientific calculator for the Pocket PC running Windows Mobile.
  • Packed Periodic Table Packed Periodic Table is a free Periodic Table for the Pocket PC 2003 that provides an easy to lookup information about different elements.
  • Q-Calc Q-Calc is a free scientific calculator for Windows CE or Pocket PC
  • rhoAir rhoAir is a free engineering calculator for Windows Mobile / Pocket PCs. It is designed to be a state point psychrometric air properties calculator. It will allow you to calculater air density, vapor pressure, dew point temperature and many other values an engineer might use a psychrometric chart for. It does calculations in SI units.
  • SMath Studio This is an advanced math calculator available for Palm PC's and other platforms.
  • SpaceTime SpaceTime provides graphing and mathematics based software for Windows Mobile to solve calculus problems such as deriviates or integrals.
  • tRodSizer tRodSizer is a free application for Windows Mobile / Pocket PC devices to help calculate how much weight a hanger rod can carry. It allows you to complete the calculations by entering the rod diameter, the tensile area and allowable stress and then it will determine the max load.

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