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Windows Mobile / Windows CE Archives - Financial Calculators

  • Easy Expenses Easy Expenses is free software that can be downloaded for Windows Mobile devices. It allows you log and track your expenses in a simple manner that can be later extracted into a spreadsheet like Excel for more complex calculations. It lets you track total monthly expenses as well as supports multiple currency rates.
  • Mobile Currency Converter This is a freeware mobile currency converter for Windows Mobile devices. It uses the HTC Sense interface styling and uses exchange rates downloaded from Yahoo Finance that are cached for user defined time periods.
  • Pocket Loan Calc Pocket Loan Calc is a free loan calculator for the Pocket PC.
  • Tax Calculator A basic calculator that will calculate tax rates due for given prices.
  • Tipster Tipster is a free tip and sales tax calculater for Windows Mobile it lets you see your bill and tip amounts and dived by the number of people amongst other functions.

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