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Windows Mobile / Windows CE Archives - Travel Applications

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  • AmAze AmAze is a free turn by turn voice guided application for a GPS enabled Windows Mobile device. AmAze provides a wide area of coverage including maps of Europe, North America, Australia and parts of Asia and Africa. AmAze provides both visual guidance you your GPS as well as voice navigation. A search feature is provided that lets you navigate and get directions to many different businesses. AmAze also provides a number of other naviational features to help you get from one location to another in the fastest or most efficient way. Currently it also will work with your social networks such as Facebook so you can share your location easily with others. It is available to download for free for Windows Mobile devices.
  • Anuvadak Anuvadak stands for Translator in Hindi. This is a free translation application that can be downloaded for Windows Mobile devices. It uses the Google translator engine and has added some features including Text to speech, copy translation, SMS capabilities, Romanization of all supported languges and more.
  • Apprendre Apprendre is a game to help you learn words in foreign languages. It allows you to create your own word lists which it will then quiz yo on. It supports European character encodings as well as several Asian ones including Japanese, Chinese and Korean. It is available as free software to download.
  • BookACab BookACab is a free windows Mobile program that will let you hire and book a cab using the CityCab and Comfort SMS booking system. It also provides telephone numbers for major cab companies to allow you phone and reserve a cab the old fashioned way. Works with Windows Mobile 6.5
  • Busguide Busguide is a free program for Windows Mobile / Pocket Devices. It is designed to provide bus arrival times for SBS busses in Singapore. You can select a bus stop and bookmark it for quicker retrieval later. It will work with phones that don't have a built in GPS.
  • FindMyCar FindMyCar is a free Windows Mobile application that helps you keep track of where you parked your car. It requires you to have a GPS enabled Windows Mobile phone. It will then run in the background and use your GPS to keep track of where you last were with your car.
  • GeoTrack GeoTrack is a free program that attempts to emulate a GPS for non GPS enabled Windows Mobile Phones. It use information it receives from nearby cell towers to triangulate where you are and allows you to associate pictures or text with your location. Then you will be able to retrieve that information every time you visit that location or you can share it with others.
  • GPSed GPSed is a GPS recorder for Windows Mobile devices. It allows you to use the GPS in your Windows Mobile Phone to trace where your phone is based on it's GPS coordinates. Once a record is made you can view your tracks from the GPSed website and manage their history. From the GPSed website you can attach photos and comments to your recorded paths as well as share the information with your friends.
  • GyPSii GyPSii is a location based application that is available for Windows Mobile and Windows Phone 7 devices. It allows you to combine information from different social media sites including Facebook, Twitter and others with the location available from your device. By combining all of this GyPSii allows you more easily connect and share information about your travels with others in your community.
  • Locify Locify is a free mobile application that you can download for Windows Mobile phones. Locify features many different location based services such as maps, navigation features, route recording and more. It is integrated with Google maps, Twittter, Wikipedia and other major sites. If you are a developer locify provides you the ability to easily write applications using just xhtml. Locify even features an online emulator that can be used to test features in any browser.
  • Metro Metro is a free public transport guide for Windows Mobile PDAs or Smartphones. It has information available on public transportation systems in over 400 cities world wide.
  • Mobile Bing This is Bing's mobile web site. Useful for small screened Pocket PC or other Windows CE devices when on the go.
  • ParkingAsistant ParkingAssistant is a free Windows Mobile application that maps parking lots onto Google map. When you combine your GPS enabled Windows Mobile Phone with this assistant, it will display parking lots with available spaces in green and parking lots that are full in red, enabling you to find parking more quickly.
  • Pilot Pocket Checklists This is an app for pilots providing a list of items to check prior to take off.
  • TravelTalk TravelTalk for Windows Mobile and Pocket PC devices provides translations of common sentences into 4 languages Spanish, German, French and Italian for use during travel.

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