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Windows Mobile / Windows CE Archives - FAQs

  • Chris De Herrera's Windows CE Website Chris has a large website dedicated to Windows CE with a lot of information and links. He also has a large FAQ.
  • Craig Peacock's Completely Unofficial FAQ Craig has compiled a list of frequent questions that users of hisWindows CE website have asked over the past several years.
  • PocketPC FAQ Chris De Herrera has a Windows CE site with a lot of information and faqs for Pocket PCs and Windows CE devices. There are also reviews and developer information available.
  • Windows CE Hardware Page This page has a lot of information about Windows CE hardware and how to increase RAM and performance.
  • Windows CE Knowledge Center This site is a knowledge base for Windows CE. It contains links to Windows CE information from around the internet. The information is split into different categories such as 'How do I..' , 'What is...' etc.

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