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Windows Mobile / Windows CE Archives - Card Games

Free Windows Mobile card games like solitare or blackjack that are available to download to your Smartphone or Windows Mobile phone and let you enjoy hours of gaming and playing.
  • Beleaguered Castle Beleaguered Castle is a freeware solitaire card game that is available for Windows Mobile 5.0 and Windows Mobile 6.x. It is similar to the popular Freecell game but without any empty spaces in which to place cards. The card game is also known by the names Laying Siege or Sham Battle. It can be run in portrait or landscape modes.
  • Blackjack13 Blackjack13 is a free remake of a blackjack game originally built for a handheld game machine called Merlin. It runs on the PocketPC
  • Canfield Canfield is a free card game for the PocketPC.
  • La Belle Lucie La Belle Lucie is a freeware solitaire game available for Windows Mobile 5.0 and Windows Mobile 6.x. The object of this solitaire game is to the build the cards into different sets of foundations starting with all cards being visible. The game is also known as The fan, Alexander the Great and more. It can be run in Landscape or Portrait modes to take best advantage of your mobile device.
  • nandhp FreeCell This is an opensource free version of Jim Horne's classic Windows solitare card game for the Pocket PC.
  • NS Durak Durak is a free Russian card game for Windows Mobile. The object of the game is to get rid of all the cards following different sets of rules.
  • NS Pairs NS Pairs is a version of the classic card game Memory also known as Concentration or Pairs. It is free for the Pocket PC.
  • Pocket Uno Version of the card game Uno for the PocketPC
  • Pocket Video Poker Pocket Video Poker for the Diamond, a version of Poker.
  • PocketTarot PocketTarot is a free version of Tarot for the Windows Mobile / Pocket PC. It features a basic AI that lets you play against your PDA.
  • StarWars Fighting StarWars Fighting is a free game that pits different Star Wars characters against each other. Pick you sides carefully as you try and advance through multiple rounds. This game is written in French and is free to download for Windows Mobile 6 and above.
  • SU: Additions SU: Additions is a freeware collection of 20 different solitaire card games that can be downloaded for Windows Mobile devices. It includes versions of solitaire such as Add Up Tens, Affinity,Base Pyramid, Block Ten, Doublets, Elevens, Fifteen Rush, Five Piles, Giza, Inverted Pyramid, King Tut, Monaco, Monte Carlo, Nines, Pharaohs, Pyramid, Seventeens, Simple Pairs, Thirteens and Triangle.
  • TarotScore TarotScore is a basic free scoring application that lets you track scores and points when playing tarot games.
  • Whirlwind 21 Whirlwind is a free solitare card game for the PocketPC

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