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Windows Mobile / Windows CE Archives - Action Games

Search and find free Windows Mobile action games that are available to download to your Smartphone or Windows Mobile phone for hours of gaming enjoyment.

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  • Acky's XP Breakout A shareware version of Breakout for the Pocket PC.
  • Allure Pipes Allure Pipes is a shareware version of pipes for Windows Mobile/Pocket PC
  • Allure Xonix Allure Xonix is a free version of the arcade classic Qix
  • Angry Birds Angry Birds is a scrolling action game designed for Windows Mobile WVGA devices. It features you as a red bird attempting to collect all the black and white birds while you avoid being hit by the pigs. The goal is to collect 100 birds and restore their color back to their original colors. Available as a free download for Windows Mobile devices.
  • Bubble Trouble Bubble Trouble is a free game for Windows Mobile / Pocket PC 2003 and higher. The object of the game is to shoot bubbles at at a screen of descending bubbles trying to match colors in order to remove all the bubbles before they hit the ground.
  • Canabalt Canabalt is an action game for Windows Mobile devices. You get to run a way from an alien attack on your city while jumping over obstacles that get in your way by touching any part of the touchscreen. As time passes your player will move more quickly and it will get harder to time your jumps.
  • Caver Caver is a free game for Windows Mobile devices that support tilt sensors. The game involves steering your ball through a cave without hitting any walls. High scores can be submitted online to compete with other gamers.
  • Dark Castle A free game of Dark Castle for the Pocket PC
  • Dead Space Survivor Dead Space Survivor is a free WVGA game for Windows Mobile devices. It is a version of the popular Dead Space game where you are trapped on a space station. It is a first person shooter game where you use your weapons to shot and destroy enemies while improving your rank in the game and getting new high scores.
  • Distant Galaxies Distant Galaxies is a free space shooter game that works with Pocket PCs, Windows Mobile devices as well as Windows Phone 7. It follows a similar pattern to the classic Space Invaders/Galaga arcade shooter games but it also has boss levels and lets you to upload your scores to compete with the rest of the world. Best of all it is available as a free download.
  • Dust Digger Dust Digger is a freeware version of the clasic arcade game for Windows CE
  • Eggs Eggs is a remake of an old LCD display game. The object is to catch eggs in as the fall from the sky before the hit the ground. As the game advances the eggs will fall faster. It is free for Windows Mobile 6.0 and above.
  • Fishocopter Fishocopter is a free arcade game where you have to guide your fish through the sea while avoiding contact with various life forms such as crabs, sea urchins and other fish. It is available for Windows Mobile 2002, 2003 and Windows Mobile 5 smartphones.
  • Football An American style football game for the Pocket PC.
  • FruitsDay Fruits Day is an arcade style action game for Windows Mobile devices. The game involves collecting fruits while avoiding opponents that are trying to stop you. I features 60 levels, 10 different opponents along with great graphics music and gameplay. It is available as a free download from

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