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  • BibleSurfer BibleSurfer provides freeware software to allow you have a portable Bible for Windows Mobile devices. It features translations into King James (KJV), NASB, The Message as well as some translations in other languages such as Chinese and French.
  • Dames are Trouble Dames are Trouble is a mini inebook which is an interactive ebook that lets you change the story as you read. This story involves a private investigator who is solving cases.
  • e-book This Australian site features an eBook newsletter along with links to sites including: locations where eBooks can be purchased, information about eReader software and links to sites that offer free eBooks.
  • ETEXT Archives This site has a large archive of etexts in assorted formats.
  • Finger Friendly Bible Finger Friendly Bible is a Bible application developed for Windows Mobile 5/6 and newer. It features a King James Version and a NET translation and has been designed with an easy to use touch interface.
  • Handybook E-Text Reader This reader allows for pleasant reading of electronic books or 'take away' reports It supports multiple alphabets with very fast page flipping - using your thumb. It also has easy bookmark support and a choice of screen orientation.
  • Kombat Fatalities Kombat Fatalities is an application that gives you a guide providing all the information you need about the Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe game. It is available as a free download for Windows Mobile devices.
  • Laridian Laridian produces PocketBible for Windows CE palmPC's and Windows Mobile devices as well as other Bibles and books.
  • Lister Lister is a free program that allows you to download newsgroups formatted as HTML so they can be easily viewed on your Windows Mobile / Pocket PC device. It does this by downloading newsgroup information and saving it in an HTML format that is easily readable on your PDA when you are offline. It reads HTML documents as well as PamlDoc (.pdb and .prc) files. It also supports reading compressed files using GNU gzip.
  • MemoWare MemoWare is the internet's largest and oldest Palm and PDA document repository on the net.
  • PointBooks PointBooks scans the Internet to find the best business articles from Asia in Windows CE format. These articles can be downloaded for free allowing Palmtop users to keep in touch with business news on Asia with a handy Palmtop.
  • Programming Windows Phone 7 Programming Windows Phone 7 is a free e-book that is available in pdf format that provides over 100 pages of information about how to write programs for Windows Phone 7 devices.
  • QuickTap QuickTap is a free reflex testing game for Windows Mobile devices. It tests to see how quickly you can tap on eggs that display on the screen while avoiding selecting baby chicks.

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