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PalmPilot Archives - FAQs

Amiga-PDA is the site for Amiga users who want to connect their computer to a PalmOS PDA
Edupalm offers help in choosing a PDA, with descriptions of the different types and a complete features table of all Palm compatibles (not composite machines) available in the USA. There are original articles and annotated links on buying and using PDAs, including hardware, software and how schools use them.
High Flyin' Pilot Tips
This site has a lot of tips in hints for users of the PalmPilot.
History of the PalmPilot
A brief history of the PalmPilot provided by
Jochens Unix-Pilot Page
This site has information and tools for using the PalmPilot with Unix.
Palm Support
The official Palm FAQ and support site
PalmGear's Faq
The index for PalmGear's FAQ section.
PalmOS Programmer's FAQ
A huge collection of links to information on programming the PalmPilot
PalmPilot Tap Bug
This site has a great FAQ on the 'Tap Bug' where the PalmPilot doesn't properly recognize graffiti. It includes causes, effects, and methods to help avoid problems.
Pilot Hardware Main Page
Information about PalmPilot Hardware.
Ron Nicholson's PalmPilot FAQ
A brief FAQ for the PalmPilot.
Undocumented Pilot
A site with a list of 'Undocumented' PalmPilot information including alternate Graffiti strokes.

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