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PalmPilot Archives - Software Development

The Alternative Software Development Kit bundles together the tools, headers, support files, samples and documentation necessary to develop PalmPilot applications on a PC running Windows 95 or NT.
CASLsoft: Home Page
The CASLsoft (Compact Application Solution Language) home page.
CoPilot Homepage
The original site for Co-Pilot, a Windows 95/NT program that emulates the PalmPilot. Currently taken over by Palm.
Georg's Pilot Pages
This site has information about PilotFORTH for the PalmPilot.
Hack Canada Homegrown
This site has a number of documents and applications related to hacking for the PalmPilot.
Jolly's Pilot Page
This is the home page for PCL a C class library for the PalmPilot
JUMP Homepage
The home page for Jump, a Java to PalmPilot compiler.
JUMP2 Homepage
The home page for Jump2, the newest open source version of Jump, a Java to Palm compiler.
LispMe Homepage
The homepage for LispMe version of LISP called LispMe for the PalmOS
Home page for the Metrowerks CodeWarrior line of Palm OS software development applications.
Palm OS Emulator
The current site for the Palm OS emulator. An emulator you can run on your PC for programming purposes. N 6 Ghost Machine This site is developing a Java VM that will run on the PalmPilot. Currently inactive
Palm Pilot ConduitDB SDK for BDE-based applications
The ConduitDB SDK allows developers to synchronize datas between 3Com Palm Pilot handhelds and their programs using BDE/IDAPI technology like Delphi, CBuilder etc. without requiring any programming knowledge about the synchronization process. It also allows the use of existing record structures for standard Pilot applications such as the address book etc.
PalmOS Programmer's FAQ
A huge collection of links to information on programming the PalmPilot
Pilot GCC Programming Newsgroup
A newsgroup with information about writing software for the PalmPilot using GCC.
Pilot Jump Programming Newsgroup
A newsgroup with information about using Jump and Java to write software for the PalmPilot.
Pilot Pila Programming Newsgroup
A newsgroup with information about using Pila to write software for the PalmPilot.
Pilot Programmer Newsgroup
A newsgroup with general programming information for the PalmPilot.
PilotManager is a tool that to synchronize databases on the PalmPilot or PalmIII with applications on your Unix platform. It is a full Hotsync daemon that is user extensible. Developers can write their own conduits to synchronize Pilot databases with the different desktop applications.
This site has some information on a project to port the PalmPilot hotsync software to the BeOS.
Pittsburgh Pebbles PDA Project
This site deals with the Pebbles Project. This projects purpose is to use Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) Synchronously with PCs. They have a number of different applications that allow PDAs to communicate with PCs.
PocketC Programers Tips
Tips and hints for developers who use PocketC
Quartus Handheld Software
Quartus produces software for the PalmOS including PilotFORTH
Ron's PalmPilot Information Page
Ron's site includes cbasPad, a Basic language interpreter for the PalmPilot along with some other applications and links.
Sunit Katkar's Palm OS Page
This site has a tutorial dealing with writing a multiple text field form application. It also shows how to use Document-View Architecture for doing the same thing. The source code is provided for download.
Ted's Pilot Page
Theodore Ts'o PalmPilot page with information on the format of the PRC file.
Wabasoft produces Waba which is programming platform that allows a programmer to write one program that can be run on a PalmPilot or Windows CE device and any device that supports Java.

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