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PalmPilot Archives - Miscellaneous Applications

This is a simple cookbook database for the PalmPilot
Download This software is shareware
FreeBoost is an application that is supposed to make your Palm faster and more stable. It is free but requires submission of your email address to access the application.
N90 Buddy
Allows the PalmPilot to connect to a Nikon N90 camera to aid in photography.
Download This software is freeware
Network Terminology Tool
A comprehensive glossary of networking & computer industry terms which runs on a Palm Pilot or WorkPad. Over 1150 acronyms and terms are precisely and concisely defined. The entries are divided into 21 categories, ranging from ATM to wireless, for nearly instant access to definitions.
Download Trial Version * Full version of this software requires purchase
Palm Globe
Palm Globe is a program which displays the Earth as a globe on a PalmPilotTM, Palm IIITM, or IBM WorkpadTM. The globe can be viewed from any direction, or select one of a number of 'standard' views.
Download This software is freeware
PALm Software
This site has a timing software and an installation application.
Poohbah Industries
PalmPilot Software for the Connected Lifestyle. Includes Wine Master, Cigar Master, and Beer Master for the Palm and PalmPilot Connected Organizers.
This application creates a database of resturants for easy retrieval
Tide Tool
Tide Tool is a freeware program to compute tides and currents. It also provides some sun and moon data.
This allows you to calculate the tides at beaches around the world.
Download This software is shareware
Tricorder II
This freeware simulates the screen of Star Trek tricorder complete with sound effects.
Download This software is freeware

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