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PalmPilot Archives - Calculators

AlCalc is a high precision calculator for the PalmPilot with up to 38 digit accuracy,
Download This software is shareware
BinCalc for PalmPilot is a calculator designed for computer programmers, design engineers, and others who need to manipulate binary numbers.
Download This software is freeware
Calc is a powerful calculator and unit conversion utility featuring four modes of operation: standard, unit conversion, base conversion, statistics. Calc! allows the entry of entire expressions, including brackets, functions and operators (eg., (9-7)*8 + 34.23). It allows for user variables, has an error recognition system, which shows a cause and a place of error, and has a special editing system with history and undo. It also supports color.
Download This software is shareware
PopUp Calculator
This calculator can popup in the middle of other applications and then allows you to return to the same point that you were in the app.
Download Trial Version * Full version of this software requires purchase
SynCalc is a fully algebraic calculator for PalmOS with lots of features including plugins.
Download Trial Version * Full version of this software requires purchase

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