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ASF Associates
This company produces the mini--PCL Palmtop Computer Light that works with the PalmPilot.
Caddy Masters
Caddy Masters produces Pro Caddy which is a device to securely hold a PalmPilot in place on the steering wheel of a golf cart.
CardScan is home of CardScan Executive. A hardware/software combination that scans and stores business cards. CardScan synchronizes with the PalmPilot or Palm III connected organizer, and Windows CE devices is the one-stop resource for all Palm hardware, software and accessories including the Palm Pre
PalmOrganizers has Palm connected organizers, software, and accessories for sale in association with
Pcific Neo-Tek
This company produces accessories for PalmPilots including OmniRemote which turns the PalmPilot into a universal IR remote control.
Screen Protector's
This site offers Screen Protectors for the Palm. Once installed, Screen Protector's protect the fragile screen from scratches. In addition, they reduce glare and improve hand writing recognition by simulating the feel of writing on real paper.
Technology Resource Group
Home to the 2MB memory upgrades for the PalmPilot.
The PalmV 8MB Upgrade
This site contains information on upgrading the PalmV to 8MB
UniMount for PalmPilot and Palm III
UniMount is a feature-packed mounting system built by Revolve for the PalmPilot and Palm III. It allows the PDA to be mounted in all types of vehicles and provides fast one-handed access to data.
Universal Car Mount for Palm-sized Computers
Arkon has developed the CM220 a universal car mount for palm-sized computers. It attaches to any windshield via a triple-suction cup mount without tools and will hold all PDA's 4.5" to 5.3" tall, including Phillips Nino, Everex, Casio E-10/11/100, HP Jornada, Compaq Aero, etc. The CM220 positions the PDA at the users finger tips for easy access to contact data, map software and GPS information. A spring-loaded mechanism allows for instant loading and unloading of the computer. Includes an ink pen/stylus and handy storage compartment.

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