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PalmPilot Archives - User Groups

Brazilian Palm-br User Group
Brazilian mailing list for Palm users and coders
Chicagoland Palm User Group
This is the website for a Chicago based Palm user group.
Colorado PalmPilot User Group COPPUG Web Site
COPPUG is the PalmPilot users group for Colorado
Homepage of the New York Palm Pilot User's Group
As the title says this is the homepage for the New York PalmPilot user's group.
Canada's Premier PUG A Canadian PalmPilot Users group serving the Hamilton and Burlington area.
Kentuckiana Palm Users Group
This is a users group based in Kentucky.
Michigan State Palmtop Users Group
MSPUG is a users group in Michigan.
New England Palm Users Group
This is a users group based in the New England area
Palm Pilot Brazil
A PalmPilot site for users in Brazil.
San Francisco Palm/Pilot User Group
The is the home of a San Francisco based PalmPilot users group.
St.Louis PalmPilot Users Group
This is the homepage for the St.Louis PalmPilot Users Group (pugsl)
Stanford Users Group
PalmPilot user group at Stanford.

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