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PalmPilot Archives - News/Information

Almanac for Piloteers
An old Norwegian PalmPilot information site.
Amiga-PDA is the site for Amiga users who want to connect their computer to a PalmOS PDA
Email Clients and Utilities for the PalmPilot
This site has a collection of links to email and other internet based applications for the PalmPilot.
Fredlet's Pilot Page
This site has a good set of information dealing with the PalmPilot, Palm III and Palm PC.
High Flyin' Pilot Tips
This site has a lot of tips in hints for users of the PalmPilot.
Jochens Unix-Pilot Page
This site has information and tools for using the PalmPilot with Unix.
More Palm
This Canadian site has Palm news, reviews and FAQs.
Palm Computing Devices
This site has links, articles and reviews along with some discussion groups dealing with the Palm Computing platform.
This site is designed to assist pilots and aviation enthusiasts with the process of using handheld technology in aviation. The site focuses on Palm OS and Pocket PC applications. The site also has many on-line databases for searching airmen information, airports, airlines, distance calculations, tail numbers and much more.
PalmGear's Faq
The index for PalmGear's FAQ section.
This is the homepage for the O'Reilly series of PalmOS books. Good books by a great publisher.
PalmPilot Tap Bug
This site has a great FAQ on the 'Tap Bug' where the PalmPilot doesn't properly recognize graffiti. It includes causes, effects, and methods to help avoid problems.
The home for PalmOs and other Palm Information
This site contains links to a number of different PalmPilot sites.
Sample Chapters from Pogue's New Edition of PalmPilot; The Ultimate Guide
This site has sample chapters from David Pogue's "PalmPilot: The Ultimate Guide.
The Gadgeteer
This site has a lot of news and information about PDA's and other gadgets along with reviews. Run by Julie and Judie.
The PalmPilot Archives
David Browne's PalmPilot site with news, links and software.

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