Webcomm is a mutliple client communications application. It allows multiple users to communcate with each other in a similar manner to internet 'chat' programs.


To use Webcomm type 'java webcomm' and the main screen will appear. To connect to a client type in the host name in the host field at the bottom of the screen. Then hit the connect button. If the client accepts the connection the client name will appear in the 'Active Connections' box. To accept a connection wait until the client name appears in the 'Requested Connections' box. Then hit accept or reject. To communicate, highlight the names of the active clients that you want your message to go to and then type a line in the input field and hit enter. The message will be sent to all the highlighted clients.

For more information send a note to dmbrowne@cyberramp.net

Last updated Mar.6/99