David and Michelle's Index Page
David  C. Browne
3512 Kales Lane
Flower Mound, Texas
Summary of Qualifications

    - Proficient computer programmer using Java, Perl, TCL, HTML, HDML, WML, PalmOs
      CGI, JavaScript, C, C++
    - Developed applications in Unix, Windows NT
    - Adept at analyzing and solving problems independently
    - Able to explain complex concepts to people with varying levels of understanding

    - Bachelor of Mathematics in Computer Science and Actuarial Science,
      University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario 1995
    - Received a Descartes entrance scholarship
Relevant Courses
    - Concurrent Programing in C 
    - Principles of OO Programming Languages in LISP
    - Artificial Intelligence
Work Experience
Feb 97 - Present
    - Computer System Analyst
    - Travelocity.com
    - Lead wireless developer 
    - Developed wireless architecture for all wireless products for Travelocity.
    - Implemented multi-transaction wireless appplications on multiple platforms,
      Nokia, Palm, Ericsson, Phone.com etc. Multiple countries England, Australia,
    - Statistics for wireless products
    - Interfaced with external firms to launch wireless products eg.
      BT, Vodafone, AT&T, Sprint, SBC, Nextel
    - Developed Java application Expresso as front end for Travelocity using Java 1.1, 1.2
    - Developed Patent pending 'DreamMaps' for Travelocity skimaps, caribbean Europe etc.
    - Coded special projects for the CEO of Travelocity
    - Coded Profile Editor in Java
    - Developed update facility similar to Marimba for Travelocity
    - Investegated IVR + other technologies for Travelocity

Jun 95 - Jan 97
    - Computer System Analyst
    - Decision Consultants Incorporated, contractor for IBM
    - Lead Developer on the US configurator for RISC/6000 processors
    - Expert Java and HTML programmer under OS/2 and Windows NT environments
    - Lead developer and architect on internet based 'e-business' sales tool and expert system.
    - Independently architected and coded a client-server expert system in Java for RS/6000 and
      AS/400 processors to enable IBM marketing in million dollar sales efforts.  The system
      consists of a multi-threaded socket server and a GUI client containing custom GUI
      components. To increase platform independence, a functional meta-language was created and
      implemented using  Java. Marketing is still in the evaluatation process to determine if this
      implementation will be chosen for company use.
    - Webmaster for team website containing internal documentation, search engines and team
      information. Search engines written independently to search designated internal web pages.
    - Created a multi-threaded HTTP web server using Java to support CGI applications and
      standard HTTP authentication for personal website and team website.
    - Developed internal communication application in Java to allow real time text communication
      between multiple users. 
    - Designed and implemented intranet documentation tool using CGI and a finite state machine
    - Developed CGI Perl scripts to create remote creation of reports from web server audit files
    - Responsible for assisting and training new team members in coding and testing practices.
    - Performed APL and REXX programming under mainframe VM environment.

Aug 94 - May 95
    - Actuarial Co-op Student
    - The Mutual Group, Individual Actuaries Risk Products
    - Created an APL workspace for Individual Life Insurance quotes
    - Modified APL workspaces to run special quotes on Single/Joint/Survivor Life plans and
      Special Term plans
    - Assigned work to another co-op student
    - Dealt with agents, large case consultants, and reinsurers to complete quotes while working
      under tight deadlines
    - Automated the calculation of increasing and reinsured Special Life quotes using APL
    - Worked independently due to the departure of the department's only full-time actuarial 

Jan - Apr 94, May - Aug 93
    - Actuarial Co-op Student
    - The Mutual Group, Group Actuarial 
    - Taught a computer course to non-technical staff 
    - Created a model for Dynamic Solvency Testing using Excel
    - Analyzed and modified pricing of group dental and drug claims using SAS and APL
    - Wrote a workspace in APL to calculate level taxes on annuities
    - Converted the monthly reserve movement reports to a GAAP basis using SAS and APL

Sept - Dec 92, Jan - Apr 92
    - Actuarial Assistant
    - The Financial Life Assurance Company of Canada
    - Programmed changes to APL workspaces in order to recalculate term plans
    - Calculated month-end reserves
    - Calculated year-end spreadsheets and reports for MCCSR
    - Performed actuarial calculations for other departments using APL, Lotus, and Capsil
    - Verified accuracy of daily and monthly policy movement 

    - Working knowledge of French

Activities and Interests
    - play and compose music on a computer and synthesizer
    - weight train 4-5 hours per week
    - played varsity rugby at the University of Waterloo