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PalmPilot Archives - Medical Links

A Spanish site with medical information for the Palm along with links and other information.
DocZ Medical Information
This page contains some medical summaries and medical equations useful for pediatrics in formats usable on the PalmPilot.
ER-CPR Saves Lives
Aldus Worldwide Company Limited produces ER-CPR, CPR prompting software for the Palm and custom medical Palm Pilot handheld software design and desktop integration. Applications in workplace emergency, pre-hospital, ambulance, health, home care and fire services sectors.
GlucoPilot is software to aid in diabetes management using the PalmPilot.
Medical Communication Systems - Mobile MedData
Medical Communication Systems produces medical software. To enable communication between medical providers, medical information providers and patients
mobile GPnotebook
Specialty-based channels from the General Practice Notebook clinical database, compatible with Palm OS and Pocket PC. Each channel contains 800-1000 pages of content
New Media Medicine
eLearning and Mobile Computing resources for doctors, medical students and healthcare professionals.
PDA Medical
PDA Medical produces medical software for the PalmPilot and other PDA devices.
A comprehensive PDA resource for medical professionals. News, reviews, feature stories, articles, discussions, tutorials and more
Pen Computer Solutions Inc.
This company offers custom programming - as opposed to off the shelf software for the PalmPilot for companies and government agencies that need custom solutions designed for the PalmPilot. Sample applications include PDA Medic.
Medical reference application specifically designed for the critical care transport provider. Provides drug dosing, apparatus sizing & vent settings for adult and pediatric patients. Addresses specialties such as RSI/Intubation, Analgesia/Sedation, ACLS, PALS, NRP, Cardiac, Resuscitation, OB, Toxicology, Neurology and Burns
Download Trial Version * Full version of this software requires purchase

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